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FMD 10/26/18: A New Start

No, not the Arrested Development reference.

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We recently moved into a new house. It's smallish, but fits us well, and there's room to grow. The basement is completely unfinished and there are already footing poured for an addition if we ever wanted to grow outward too. This all has me thinking about opportunities, including the opportunity to set up a home for ideal music listening purposes.

I've not really followed all the various systems and whatnot, and I suppose I'll probably never actually get to do some cool system but... if you had a new start on a home, what kind of listening devices/locations/functions would you like to have?

As for right now... I'd be happy with finding a working CD player and eventually unpacking my old collection. It's been far too long. Maybe I'll get lucky and come across the right box this weekend.

Drop a list too, if'n you're inclined.