19 thoughts on “January 13, 2019: Saunders II”

  1. Saunders isn’t the most natural guy in front of the camera, but I’ll take scattered pressers if it means this team is winning. Wiggins is playing better than he just about ever has, in the midst of what was his worst season. KAT is destroying everyone.

    1. For his career Wiggins averages 4.2 rebounds. He has had 5+ in each of his last 4 games. Plus he is slashing to the basket and trying to throw doqn dunks. It is very nice to see.

  2. For funsies, I looked up the spreadsheets for our old Cribbage tournamenfs. Turns out the reason I couldn’t remember who won the second one is that the final match between cheaptoy and rpz was never played. Guys? Wanna see who the 2015 WGOM Cribbage champion is?

    Straighter to the point, I think I’d be interested in another and would handle the brackef again.

    1. I have no recollection of cribbage tourneys on the WGOM. Of course, 2015 was a total blur due to opening the joint. How did you play? I may be interested. On a related note, I am helping organize a 64 team cribbage tournament in our area on a Sunday in March. Funds raised will benefit a local hospice organization.

        1. Around Feb 1st you will receive and email that opens registration. It will have a deadline of March 1st I am guessing. If it is filling fast, I will shoot you a text quick. Should be a gas!

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