13 thoughts on “March 22, 2019: Goofs”

    1. I voted yes as I am both a homer and a contrarian. It all comes down to shooting 3's. If Gabe and Company are hitting them, we have a great chance of stealing this game. If we are cold from behind the 3 point line, it will be a long day.

    1. Sounds like another poll option!

      I'd pick Dozier. Both are bounce back candidates and Dozier has a much higher recent performance.

      1. Projections expect both to bounce back and improve from last year with Dozier expected to be better. However, Schoop is going into his age 27 season and Dozier into his age 32 season. Dozier is at the point where many second basemen have basically fallen off a cliff in production. They don't tend to age well. Schoop is just starting his peak years. He wasn't healthy last year. If he can build on '17 and even improve on it, he could have a big year. Schoop's career OPS+ is 98. Dozier's career OPS+ through age 26 was 87. At age 27, Dozier had a 114 OPS+ in 707 PAs.

      2. Both players really only need to be worth 1 WAR to live up to their contracts. If they provide the same production as each other, the Twins get the better value by $0.5M.

      3. Interesting to note that both Twins and Nats are using lineups that could very well be Opening Day lineups today and both Schoop and Dozier are batting 7th. Of course, if Dozier had signed with the Twins, I think there's a good chance he would have been batting leadoff.

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