2019 Game 5: twins @ royals

Sorry if I'm stepping on any toes. I figure that we're all still getting into the swing of things here.

We're getting a bit of an "off day" lineup, with Cave, Garver, Austin, and Adrianza all in the lineup. The thing that matters most, though, is that La Tortuga is playing third.

Kyle Gibson will try to keep the momentum going on the way to hopefully continuing the bit of a breakout he experienced last season. It would be huge if he was able to do that.


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    1. Dan Hayes (no relation) reported no concussion symptoms were detected; hopefully that continues to be the case. I was skeptical that bulking up would make him more resilient to this type of injury, but we’ll see how he holds up over the season.

      If Buxton could use the extra day to heal, so be it. I’d rather lose him for a game than for weeks.

    1. Bremer started the top of the fourth with a story about how amazing he was during spring training.

  1. Thanks for the pinch hit. I knew there was a game today but missed it was a day game, much less an early day game.

  2. I feel like Gibson is a very, very good defensive pitcher. Not that it often matters, but he's basically the anti-Sabathia.

    1. Aye to the "heads up" part. So far I feel like we're seeing a lot of that from this team - they're paying attention and not missing the chances they've had for the most part.

    1. I don't know that that's very fair. He gave up one run through four innings, then ran into an inning where the defense made him get five outs. That's not an easy thing to do.

      1. I missed the first three innings, so I'm basing this on what I did see and his previous history. It just looked like he was going back to that "nibble, nibble, nibble" strategy from a couple years ago. I'm not calling for him to be booted from the rotation, though, or anything like that.

        1. I don't remember the number, but I remember the Twins broadcasters saying his pitch count was good through four innings, so I would think he can't have been nibbling too much.

            1. It also seems reasonable to think that, in his first start of the season and still building strength after e coli, Gibson might have been tiring in the fifth, especially as the inning got longer and longer.

  3. I'm a big fan of Rocco's tendency early on to let relief pitchers go for more than one inning. I know that Mejia is probably going to work as some sort of long reliever anyway, but he let Rogers have over an inning in the opener, and he just seems to be amenable to letting relievers stretch out a bit.

      1. Yes, but tell that to Molitor or Gardy, both of whom would be on their fourth pitcher while publicly wondering how they were going to keep their bullpen from collapsing.

  4. I'm struggling with watching this on my phone because the stupid fox sports app constantly freezes, but since its tied now I think I'll try to put up with it for a bit.

  5. Terrance Gore pinch running so he can get a better view of Billy Hamilton getting out.

  6. More SSS to keep with the theme of the day, but feeling like we’re going to win even when down one or two late is reminding me a lot of, say, 2006.

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