22 thoughts on “April 16, 2019: Is Winter Over?”

  1. This might be the greatest "Exactly as old as" I've ever seen on that site.

    Baseball Hall of Famer Al Kaline is exactly as old as Uranus since it completed one orbit around the sun (30,799 days).

    1. I don't understand the use of "since" in that sentence: Uranus is constantly completing one orbit around the sun. Just say "...exactly as old as one year on Uranus."

      1. Can years have age? The tripping point here is the “exactly as old as” convention. Better would be “Baseball Hall of Farmer Al Kaline is exactly as old as a notional Uranian born the last time Uranus began a new orbital period around the sun (30,799 Earth days).”

        Of course, if humans lived on Uranus, a Uranian year would not be an effective measurement of time.

  2. It's later than normal, because I'm recovering from illness and trying to get more sleep, but today's recap is up and Minor Details will show up later this morning.

      1. Apparently there was a schedule change. Rochester's game will be at 4:05 and will be part of a doubleheader to make up yesterday's game.

  3. I've been putting on and taking off my jacket this morning -- I got the second Shingrix shot yesterday, and it's playing with my internal temperature again. This one has been a b@st@rd, but much better than shingles.

    1. the Mrs got the call yesterday that our health care provider has it in stock and is now offering the 2nd shot around. Maybe, just maybe, they will then get around to me for my first shot.

        1. Yea, she was very sore for a couple of days after the first one. Still, waaaaaay better than shingles.

  4. I watched the game last night in the Toyota Service waiting area (oil change & tire rotation). Interesting* conversation with an older couple (mid-70’s) and their grown daughter about the Twins: current roster and former rosters, new manager, Target Field, etc. lots of love for the ‘87 and ‘91 clubs, Metrodome and what not. Basically, an unexpected & enjoyable conversation.
    Gentlemen says he won’t go to the new ballpark again because parking. I get that. I like Target Field a lot, but I can understand not loving the hassle there.
    Wife, mishears a comment about the new manager vs. Molitor - thinks I said something about Mauer - and unleashes some venom and spite about “that damn fairy” and goes on about ii and Killer and Bert and how much better they were. I swallowed hard and stepped right up: told her that Joe was amazing and I absolutely disagreed with her ‘observations’ about Minnesota’s own.
    Grandma cursed my comments and damn near lost her eyes she rolled em so hard. Never seen that vitriol outside the Strib comments section.

    *in the most MN sense

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