24 thoughts on “June 8, 2019: Games Of Chance”

  1. We can predict more than homers. Astudillo sent to the minors.

    1. I also predict that at some point the reliever called up in La Tortuga's place will cause me to have a break out of late inning obscenities.

  2. Home Run Standings

    Beau: 2
    Twayn: 1
    Runner: 1
    Cheaps: 1
    HJ: 1
    DK (Adrianza every game): 0

  3. Well my daughter slept through the night six nights in a row before getting sick again. What year will I sleep again?

    1. My son is nearly 6 and he comes into our bed every single night, so I'm assuming never.

    2. You get about a decade break from 5 or 6 until 15/16 - then you don't get to sleep again waiting up for the teenager to come home.

  4. The tigers are going with a bullpen day today, so I'm tempted to predict everyone on the starting lineup will get one.

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