37 thoughts on “June 12, 2019: Hey Now”

  1. Friend posted the other day that her husband blew out his flip-flop, to which of course the first comment was "Did he step on a pop top?" This evening I had to explain to Runner daughter what a pop top was, since apparently no one in her office knew as well. Dang millennials, making be feel old

  2. Today marks 5 years since my sister passed. Amazing that time can go so fast. The grief hasn't really gone away, it's just found its own place in our lives. That's comforting in its own way.

    1. I forgot your sister had died only a month after Elaine. For some reason I was thinking it was later in the summer. Yup, good description about the grief. It's just a thing that "is."

    2. Monday will be 13 years for my Dad. Can't believe it's been that long. Coming up on 29 years for my Mom. The grief never goes away. My daughter, at certain times, looks so much like my Mom and she can be a trigger. It is difficult sometimes not to just break down into a puddle of tears all these years later.

  3. So the thing I find the most amazing isn't the Twins batters leading MLB in HRs, it's that they are also 3rd from the bottom in Ks. Also, little by little, the pitching staff is now 3rd in the MLB in fewest BBs allowed, something they used to excel in but not recently.

    1. also first in doubles. In this day and age, high power and low strikeout totals just doesn't exist that much. Maybe all of Astudillo's powers were usurped by his teammates.

    2. Part of me is wondering if the coaches/analytics people are out performing the league in terms of either pitch tendencies or identifying "tells" on what pitch is coming. They seem to jump on the strikes and are eerily able to avoid chasing.

      1. This is the same team that has Rosario and Sano on it. I was worried about OB%, but they at least are putting the ball in play, and surprisingly at tied for 23rd in DP.

        1. I was worried about OB%

          I noticed that Polanco hasn't had a non-intentional walk in two weeks.

          The whole team seems to just hit their way through any concerns.

    3. I checked in with the rubes this past weekend and it’s definitely:

      * Mauer’s patience is gone and the team has changed their approach because of it
      *Mauer was a wet noodle leader who held them back from their potential

      So the average fan is definitely sold on that line. Yay.

      1. That's the only negative about this season.

        I've had people explain to me that Mauer was the reason they couldn't sign players like Cron, Schoop, and Cruz. I try to point out that they had Dozier and Logan Morrison last year that hurt the team more than Mauer but nobody cares about that.

        1. Too veiled for me to notice re: Mauer.

          But these pieces always make me laugh. They are like "market analysts" trying to explain Brownian movement in the stock market. Prices are up? It's because X is giving traders confidence. Prices down? Obviously because X is hurting confidence.

          If the Twins were struggling, it would be because Rocco is too lax.

          1. Good point.

            I do wonder how Rocco's laid-back, no rules approach is going to play long-term. It seems like something that possibly could lead to losing control of the clubhouse, especially if the team isn't careful about the kind of personalities it puts on the team. I guess we'll see.

            1. I like Rocco, but let's be honest, the front office loaded this lineup with both guys who can hit and solid clubhouse guys. I give FO 60% of credit, Rocco 20% and the analytic gurus the other 20%. Well, besides the 99% credit I give to the players.

    1. I'm rolling with Polanco again. He might be raking, but he's still letting me down daily.

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