2019 Game 73: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins

Eduardo Rodriguez
Kyle Gibson

Fourth game of the three-game series.

Twins replaced Blake Parker with Sean Poppen while the Red Sox replaced Velázquez with Josh Smith. Poppen has yet to pitch in MLB but he's done well this year in AAA (not AA though). Josh Smith has pitched 75 games over four seasons in MLB. He has not done well in AAA despite good strikeout and walk numbers.

The teams have scored nine runs over the previous 26 innings so I expect fireworks today.

139 thoughts on “2019 Game 73: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins”

    1. Ullger'd.

      I thought it was for sure a run when it whipped past the right fielder and was dismayed when the other dude entered the screen.

    1. Not sure what I have less belief in - the front office making the trade(s) this team needs or Sano keeping any value to be traded.

        1. Yeah - I can see them making some cheap ass moves to get a midrange reliever that doesn't actually move the needle one bit when it comes to the postseason and then having all the sycophant media and fans fawn over what an amazing move it was and how different things are now and how bought in they are.

    1. I like how 8 IP dominating Gibson irritated you last week and now nibble at the zone and get his ass kicked Gibson is also driving you nuts. I can respect that kind of consistent pessimism.

  1. I want to see Jack go out and throw nothing but fastballs to modern day hitters for two innings and see how long he lasts.

    1. Dude throws 10 innings in game 7 - he can be the color commentator for as many teams as he wants and he can say whatever the hell he wants as far as Im concerned.

        1. Well played. He doesn't bother me. But "doesn't bother me" is about the nicest thing I will ever say about any non-broadcasting educated former athlete in the broadcast booth of any sport.

      1. I don't think that will be the case, much as he bothers me. That inning just reminded me of the royals from most of this decade that would get a bunch of piddly crap through the infield.

  2. Astudillo gets a hit because of bad pitching - or because he is making the adjustments he needs to succeed at this level?

          1. I am making the much better decision to play A Link Between Worlds, though, while I watch the game.

      1. Probably. Everyone remembers the first hour or so pretty fondly, but there are a few design choices in the last hour or two that are utterly infuriating.

      2. I had such good memories of that game - tried playing it again on the classic NES - awful. Unplayable.

        1. The beginning is still fun.

          The endless desert, the glove to knock on secret walls, the fact that you have to save all the hostages in order to blow up the computer (which i wasn't able to do even with a walkthrough, because some of those hostages were stupidly well hidden), the freaking hedge maze. All much less fun.

          1. It was a great game in its time - with the item management and not starting with any kind of weapon.

  3. Gibson has always struck me as a very good Fielding pitcher. I know the stats don't always see to bear that out, but he always seems to put himself in a good position and displays good awareness, which is about 90% of what it takes to be a good Fielding pitcher.

      1. I’ve decided to buy a new Apple TV so I can select the radio feed. The one I have is six or more years old & doesn’t support the newer MLB features. I can’t stay with the TV crew the rest of the way until Morneau comes back.

        1. Sometimes my most favorite MLB.tv feature on Apple TV is the stadium noise only audio feed.

  4. I love it when a Twins player hits a bomb and the instant reaction by the pitcher is to hang his head in disgust.

      1. Yea, but is he a True Yankee?

        I think you are probably right, despite him being mostly a compiler for the last 4-5 years. He'll be at the bottom end of HOF starters, however.

  5. Wonder what the deal with Cave is. He was a plenty solid fourth outfielder last year, and this year, he can't hit the broad side of a barn

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