47 thoughts on “July 2, 2019: Concert In The Park”

  1. The new Stadium Club set is out, and Topps did a really nice job with it -- lots of cool photos, cleaned up photos of retired players in shots not used before, and a nice clean layout. I'll see if I can post a few later.

    And then there's their Museum Collection set, which has NO Twins in the base set, but thankfully twelve Yankees cards.

        1. There are 14 games of Astudillo catching in 2018, 2 on the road at KC.

          Bottom 8, Sept. 14, 2018:

          Jorge Bonifacio doubles to LF, O'Hearn (you can see the O and he wears number 66, so it fits) out at home 7-6-2 (Grossman-Polanco-Astudillo)

      1. Those are some of the best looking baseball cards I've ever seen. I'm suddenly considering grabbing at least the Twins from that set.

        The Berrios one, in particular, is eye grabbing.

        1. Exactly. Topps has been riding their monopoly and phoning it in much of the time, but the design is so clean on this set, and the photos they chose to use were outstanding. We were just as impressed with the veteran and HOF cards included in the set -- the pics weren't ones seen before, and had been cleaned up or colorized to look (fairly) modern.

        1. Hank Aaron needs a bigger cap. Ty Cobb looks like a cuddly, sensitive guy. A PR firm must have been hired to soften his image.

      2. Awesome that they used a photo of Berríos pitching in his “home” park — Estadio Hiram Birthorn. And the Kepler card is perfectly framed. I think they photoshopped out the Budweiser sign on the Rosario card. The ballpark looks a bit imposing the way that shot was processed.

        1. I think they also photoshopped the ball out of the Jake cave card. I assume it was just to the right of his glove.

  2. Our new air conditioner will be installed today, insha’allah. Last night was tough on the Poisonnière, who tossed fitfully in her 84º room until after ten. We finally gave her a sack of frozen rice to lay on, which cooled her down enough to fall asleep. I vividly remember those nights from childhood, listening to a West Coast game on the radio, just barely audible over the fan perched on a chair next to my bed. Any hotter than that, and I’d go down to the basement to sleep. Mom & Pa finally got A/C when I was in high school.

    1. Good day to get it working.

      I'm on day 5 of a broken garage door and in starting to think Janesville Door isn't interested in my money. I called again yesterday and they hadn't even written down my information from my first call so had no record of my request. They said maybe Wednesday. I might have to do some googling.

        1. Yeah, that'd be great. Janesville door was recommended to me by other people in this neighborhood, but it's sort of looking like maybe they got lucky. (and this was probably a terrible time of year to have a spring break.)

            1. So, naturally, I was about to contact those guys when I get a call that a technician was at the house about twenty minutes before I was going to get home. Fortunately he was still in town and came back. Only took about 30 minutes but now I've got a real garage door spring.

  3. Half-baked Hall, 2008 ballot is up. Strongly consider voting for Greg Maddux. He was okay.

    Speaking of which, one of my favorite sports commercials:

  4. I would very much like to duck out for some beers during the match, but our stupid weekly meeting is at 2:30.

    And I have a 40 minute drive home.

        1. You should probably just get your ass home because it's looking like it'll be a great match.

  5. Wasn't it just a week ago that the Twins DFA'd Gabriel Moya so they could activate Ronald Torreyes? Now they've taken Torreyes off the forty-man roster to add Adelberto Mejia. I don't keep up with all the player rules, so maybe this all makes perfect sense. But I'd appreciate it if someone explained it to me.

  6. Going to tomorrow's game. Look for me, the Mrs, the Boy and his GF in section 126, rows 16 and 17, seats 3 and 4. 😀

      1. I will be sporting my Twins hat, so I might be bloodied.

        Luckily, the Boy is a black belt.

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