23 thoughts on “July 12, 2019: Touchdown”

  1. A rather important series for the Twins starts tonight. By Sunday night, they will either lead by 2.5, 4.5, 6.5, or 8.5 games. That's a pretty big difference.

    1. Yep. I'm always looking at what's the worst that could happen (still 2.5 games up), but wouldn't it be awesome to sweep the Indians in their home ballpark and go up 8.5 games?

  2. This roasting of Grayson Allen (and a little bitter of Coach K) from last night is enjoyable.

    1. I look forward to his time in a second-tier European league, where stuff like that might get him killed.

    2. Full round of applause for Williams' restraint (not that Allen deserved it)

      I don't believe I would have been able, especially after the second time.

  3. I believe MarWin is going to go GoneZo tonight. He's my pick to silence the drums at Progressive.

      1. who's Boomstick again?

        I almost missed points for someone when they predicted Sauce. Trying to keep these all straight.

    1. I put the Twins non-pitcher roster into random.org, and it told me to go with Ehire Adrianza. He's probably not going to be in the lineup, so I'll be counting on a big pinch-hit homer.

      1. I've nabbed a few points with the help of random.org. At least now if they strike out four times you have someone else to blame.

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