Game 91: twins @ cleveland

Well, that was fun! Let's do it again.

I think Gibson is a decent pitcher, but he is prone to the type of game he had last night, where he just doesn't have it. Rocco realizing that in the fourth inning and taking him out probably saved the ballgame. That's the type of good decision making that adds up over a season and becomes magnified in the postseason.

It also turned "I don't have a good feeling about this series" to "hey, this could work..."

Trying to keep the good vibes going today is Jake Odorizzi. He's taken a bit of a tumble lately, bit I'm thinking that his true self is somewhere between the truly great April and May that he had and the significantly less good June where he lost his hold on the All Star Game start and, eventually, a couple of layers of skin on one of his fingers.

We all know this series is big. A win or (dare I even a think it) a sweep puts Cleveland back in their places and (hopefully) gives them a seller's mentality here in the next few weeks.

Cleveland counters with Trevor Bauer. He's been up and down lately after his strong start. The Twins got to him last time. Hopefully, they do it again.

I've got Kepler today, btw. Go Twins!

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    1. He's given up 20 home runs this year with a quarter from Kepler. That could help his trade value once other teams remove one player.

  1. Turned on the TV for a few minutes and heard Dick and Jack talking about why it's bad for a pitcher to strike people out. Immediately went to the radio broadcast. Attaboy isn't my favorite, but at least he doesn't usually say things that are blatantly stupid.

    1. Not sure I know exactly how it’s done but I think there’s gotta be a sermon out of your using to pick Cave hitting a bomba and then he does.

  2. So, took the wife out for a round of golf in Miltona today. The carts had great GPS system and I could get the Twins game on the music function. #winning

        1. *sigh* yeah, they are. They're coming back a bit from when they all got burnt badly a couple of years ago, but there's quite a bit of work left to be done.

            1. I like the layout of the course. Enough length and variation to be interesting, without beating you over the head with it.

  3. I was a bit nervous about Harper coming in with men on base, but he did a damn fine job.

  4. Hi everybody!

    We’re not dead!

    We’re eating brisket on top of corn and green chili salsa on top of tater tots.

    Still not dead, but the give back runs. We still got this.

    1. We’re eating brisket on top of corn and green chili salsa on top of tater tots.

      Sounds like the opposite of dead. Glad you’re dry.

      1. It’s nearly impossible to explain the anxiety that a storm in the gulf produces, but at least we eat good.

      1. Notwithstanding the argument (that I've seen articulated by Glen Perkins, for one) that it sometimes makes sense to go to a new reliever to start an inning after someone else has gotten only the third out of the previous inning, because getting back up for the next inning after warming up and facing one batter, then sitting, is a big swing.

        1. Yes, but these one-batter appearances are what leads to them somehow running out of relievers despite having a 15-man bullpen. Glad it all worked out.

      1. I’d like to workshop this nickname. Everyday Eddie was pretty solid. Anytime Rogers?

  5. Woot!

    Twins win first two against Cleveland and now Berrios v. Justin Shane Bieber? Let’s go!

  6. When I watch Rogers, the classic Robert Goulet line always comes to mind: "You don't even blink, do you?"

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