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2019 Game 92: Minnesota at Cleveland

Starting Lineups

Win Probability: 45.4%

Momentum is coming off the All-Star break, beating Cleveland in the first two games to start the second half, and having Jose Berrios lined up to start the third game. Not that it won't be a contest as Cleveland has Shane Bieber on the mound. The two are pretty well matched. Both have eight wins on the year, Berrios has the lower ERA (3.00 vs. 3.45) but Bieber has more strikeouts (141 to 104). The Twins' division lead is back up to 7.5 games with a chance to make it 8.5 with a series sweep. After today, the Twins and Indians meet just ten more times. The Indians were on a pretty good roll before the break, making up ground at a fairly alarming rate, and a Twins win today would put a nasty hitch in their giddy-up coming out of the second half gate. Play ball!

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  1. Cleveland seems to have cornered the market on pitchers who can't hold still when not in the stretch. Although the Biebs isn't as bad as Clevinger.

    1. I dunno. Taylor is pretty twitchy, IIRC. [who am I thinking of? Reliever who really does a whole lotta something something getting set in the stretch?]

  2. A lot of movement on Berrios' pitches. Unfortunately, it's movement outside the zone to lefties.

  3. Bases empty, two-out doubles are NBD.

    Looks like Jose is settling in. It would be nice if the offense would show up for him today.

  4. Indians' tv guys talking about how Naquin likes the ball low. Berrios pitched to his strength.

  5. Toy Story 4 doesn't suck. Just got back. Empty theaters on Sunday one of the perks of living in Utah and putting up with all the damn Mormons.

    1. I looked it too. Not as good as 3, but at least it wasn't a gut punch. Key and Peele were hilarious.

      1. Yes - it was great writing and Key and Peele were awesome. I hadn't had any spoilers prior so I quite enjoyed the story.

    2. I took the kids (4.5 & nearly 8yrs) to see it yesterday. We were (mostly) happy with it, though Niblet (4.5) seemed bored by the 80% complete mark. The other choice was Aladdin, so I’m not going to complain too loudly about any shortcomings. One question:

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      1. We saw it yesterday. There were sniffles. Very, very good flick.

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  6. If we can get Bieber out of this game and pull off a sweep that would be something.

    1. The way they aren't taking any pitches, though, they're gonna have to hope for a hang nail or something.

  7. Glad Kepler still made it to first - don't like seeing that lack of awareness/effort.

    1. This is a must win for Cleveland after losing the first 2 - a definite success for our Twinkies regardless of today's outcome.

      Big 9 game home stand - hopefully we can pull out a 6-3.

  8. I do worry this is the kind of game we are going to see come October. Our starter does a solid job/quality start level appearance but our bats are shut down by the other teams ace.

  9. Anyone would have taken a 2-1 series considering how both of these teams went into the All Star break. But if we can somehow get the bats going over these last 9 outs we have a chance to really bury this Cleveland team and make them sellers into the deadline.

      1. Is there an order of operations angle to this call? If it hit the finger at all it was clearly (to me) after hitting the knob of the bat.

        1. No, if it hit the bat first it would be a foul. I just thought it looked like it only hit his finger.

  10. Prove me wrong here Sano but you are the last guy I want to see up in this situation.

  11. Marwin owns Biebs, but he's living in a low-income area compared to Max's real estate on Bauer.

  12. Might be time to switch feed over to the Cleveland guys for some schadenfreude.

  13. brians Book of Face no-hitter (perfecto) alert: 24 Orioles up, 24 Orioles down by two Tampa pitchers

  14. Crap. Yyyuuuuge missed opportunity. I mean, we got three, but it could have been a ball-busting inning.

      1. Nah. Just one game. That's a great "just so" story if the Twins were to win and then run away with the title. But....

        1. You are probably right - but given where things were - a 3 game sweep here goes a long way to killing any momentum Cleveland had built into the break.

  15. so nice to come back from commercial break to hear a chunk of Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

  16. Three great curveballs to Bradley. Too bad he threw that hanger to Santana.

  17. That pitch to Arraez was in the exact same "crush me" spot as the pitch to Santana

  18. You know what's a good feeling? Looking at a big load of laundry to fold and realizing 50%of the volume are bath towels.

    1. I don't know who's seen the video of that scene that recently dropped, but.... Ooooof

        1. There's a clip on the internets of that song from the upcoming live action cgi version. It is just terrible.

          1. It's a film that has no artistic purpose, because the original was pretty much perfect. Pure cash grab.

  19. One thing watching with no game sound: ball hit weakly to 2nd baseman, so I look down to iPad. Look up 20 seconds later and there’s a guy on 1st no outs. Huh?

  20. Hand has retired 29 of 41 first batters. Gordo says that's "really low". That's a 292 OBP. Not exactly terrible for Hand.

    1. Their strategy this game has seemed to be seeing at the crap or of the zone and watch the ones down the middle.

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