August 9, 2019: Definitely An Exercise In Personal Expression And Not Just An Attempt To Create Opportunities To Sell More Official Merchandise

Players Weekend is upon us in a couple weeks. The Twins have selected their names as noted below:

Ehire Adrianza: "GUARENERO"
Luis Arraez: "LA REGADERA"
Willians Astudillo: "ASTUDILLO"
Jose Berrios: "LA MAKINA"
Byron Buxton: "BUCK"
Jason Castro: "STRO"
Jake Cave: "CAVEMAN"
C.J. Cron: "CRONY"
Nelson Cruz: "BOOMSTICK"
Tyler Duffey: "THE DOOF"
Sam Dyson: "RED FINGER"
Mitch Garver: "GARV SAUCE"
Kyle Gibson: "GIBBY"
Marwin Gonzalez: "GONZO"
Ryne Harper: "HARP"
Max Kepler: "RÓŻYCKI"
Zack Littell: "LIT"
Jake Odorizzi: "ODO"
Martin Perez: "EL DE LAS MATAS"
Michael Pineda: "BIG MIKE"
Jorge Polanco: "CHULO"
Taylor Rogers: "LEFTY PIECE"
Sergio Romo: "EL MECHÓN"
Eddie Rosario: "EDISITO"
Miguel Sano: "BOQUETÓN"
Jonathan Schoop: "MAMBA"

A-stud seems to be trolling everyone by not putting "La Tortuga" on his uniform.

Also, check out the said, uh, uniforms:

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25 thoughts on “August 9, 2019: Definitely An Exercise In Personal Expression And Not Just An Attempt To Create Opportunities To Sell More Official Merchandise”

  1. Hey meat, if you can command a Twins victory tonight there may be another thousands points for you

  2. I think all Twins pitchers should have to wear a jersey with the nickname "11.5" on it.

  3. I typically like the players weekend jerseys, but these not sure if I'll grab one or get a red alt instead. The announcment said something about the color coming from the players (shoes, gloves, et cetera) which whatever.

    1. I assume players will be wearing all-white/all/black helmets for one-series only? Otherwise this is going to look pretty even more stupid.

  4. Some interesting stuff in this article about the upcoming Lord of the Rings series on Amazon Prime. It will be set in the Second Age, and they have a Tolkien scholar on board and the Tolkien family is not allowing anything in the series that is not canon. No elves and dwarves falling in love apparently.

    Anyway sounds like it could be a cool series, will be interesting to see how they pull it off.

      1. I'll miss Orlando Bloom surfing down stairs on a shield while shooting arrows at monsters.

  5. The youngest is "graduating" from the infant room to the toddler room, and I have to leave work early to attend the "graduation ceremony". This is so silly and pointless.

    1. I positively despise the endless proliferation of "graduations" and "proms" and the like. GOML. One graduation for h.s. One prom. No "gender reveal" party.

      Again, GOML.

      1. We had a sex reveal party. I made a game of Jeopardy and if you got a question right you got scratch off tickets. One revealed the answer.

  6. Someone pointed out on Twitter that the Field of Dreams game will probably be blacked out in Iowa. MLB!

  7. Ruptured wrist tendon for Cruz. WTF? It's a goddamn curse. Somebody sacrifice a chicken before it's too late.

    1. Morneau had the same thing once, said it helped him when it finally ruptured, never missed time

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