30 thoughts on “August 21, 2019: Newfound Fame”

  1. Topps' Archives set comes out today, and besides the only (certified) Eduardo Escobar Twins autographed card (in the Signature Series), I was pleased that they also included the first (certified) autographed card of this Twins player from the past -- can you name him?

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    1. I read that as a guy who sounds really content with his life despite his lack of major league success who got to do something pretty funny in a way almost no one ever gets a chance to. That's the definition of feel good story.

  2. The Astros lost at home to the Tigers with Verlander starting. Crazy day. Robinson Chirinos got thrown out at third base to end the game trying to go for a triple when trailing by 1 run. He needed the triple to complete the cycle.

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