2019 Recap: Game One Hundred Thirty


Date:  Sunday, August 25.

Batting stars:  C. J. Cron was 1-for-2 with a three-run homer (his twenty-first), two walks, and two runs.  Jonathan Schoop was 1-for-3 with a two-run homer (his eighteenth) a walk, and two runs.

Pitching stars:  Martin Perez pitched six innings, giving up two runs on five hits and a walk and striking out five.  Cody Stashak pitched two shutout innings, giving up one hit and striking out one.

Opposition stars:  Jordy Mercer was 2-for-4 with two doubles and two runs.  John Hicks was 2-for-4 with a double and two RBIs.  Harold Castro was 2-for-4.

The game:  The Tigers put two men on in the second but did not score.  In the third, the Twins broke through for two runs.  Schoop walked and scored on a Mitch Garver double.  A pair of ground outs, which should have brought all kinds of joy to the old school baseball types, brought Garver home and made the score 2-0.

It went to 5-0 in the fourth.  Miguel Sano led off the inning with a double, Max Kepler was hit by a pitch, and Cron delivered a three-run homer.  The Tigers bounced right back with two in the fifth, though.  Mercer and Hicks started the inning with doubles, making it 5-1, and a two-out single by Castro cut the margin to 5-2.

The Twins got the run back in the sixth.  Cron drew a one-out walk and with two down, Schoop hit a two-run homer, making the score 7-2.  Detroit made it somewhat interesting in the ninth.  With one out, Willi Castro singled, Mercer doubled, and Hicks singled, dropping the lead to three runs at 7-4.  The next two batters went out, however, and the victory was preserved.

WP:  Perez (9-5).  LP:  Matthew Boyd (6-10).  S:  None.

Notes:  Kepler was in center and Marwin Gonzalez in right in the continued absence of Byron Buxton.  Luis Arraez was in left in the absence of Eddie Rosario.  Arraez was 0-for-2 with a walk and is batting .335.

The Twins were out-hit in this game 9-5, and yet still won 7-4.  They drew six walks and had a hit batsman, which helped.  It also helped that of the five hits, one was a double and two went over the fence.  And it helped that the two that went over the fence came with a combined total of three men on base.  The Twins went 1-for-3 with men in scoring position.  That's a good average, but it's hard to score seven runs with only three at-bats with men in scoring position.  It worked for this game, though.  If someone has time, I'd be curious to know what some of the extremes are for that sort of thing--most runs on fewest hits, most runs with only a few at-bats with men in scoring position, that sort of thing.  Obviously, I'm not going to take the time to find out, but if someone else wanted to, that would be cool.

Now that players weekend is over, I hope someone takes those white-on-white uniforms and burns them.  I wasn't crazy about the black ones, either, but at least you could read the numbers and the nicknames on them.  The whole Players Weekend thing doesn't do much for me, but if we have to have it, let's at least do it well.  It's hard for me think how many people had to look at those white-on-white things and approve them.  I don't know what they were thinking.

A 3-3 homestand against two of the weakest teams in the league is not exactly what we hoped for.  On the other hand, it's a lot better than the 1-3 we had two days ago.  And you know, you can have all kinds of fun with artificial endpoints.  In their last six games, the Twins are 3-3.  If you look at their last ten games, they're 7-3.  If you look at their last eighteen games, they're 9-9.  If you look at their last twenty-two games, they're 13-9.  And so on.

Ultimately, the only numbers that really matter are the ones that are shown below:  their record for the season and how far ahead they are of the second place team.  As we've said before, they don't have to win a certain number of games to win the division, they just need to win one more than their nearest rival.  Right now, they've won three more with thirty-two games to play.  Those are really the only numbers that count.

Record:  The Twins are 79-51, in first place in the American League Central, 3.5 games ahead of Cleveland.

Projected record:  We're still on track for 111-51!

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  1. I'd be curious to know what some of the extremes are for that sort of thing

    Here's fewest runs on most hits. 20 hits but only one run. That took 22 innings however. There's the Red Sox-Twins marathon from this season that had the Red Sox with 17 hits and three runs.
    Going the other way, the Browns scored 11 runs on four hits. They walked eight times and the opponent committed seven errors. The pitcher had four of them. No play-by-play to see how it happened.
    A more recent example is ten runs on four hits. Each team had only one error so not as bad as previous game. Detroit walked nine times. The fourth inning went: walk, flyout, walk, new pitcher, walk, walk, walk, new pitcher, popout, home run. That ended the rally and they went out meekly: walk, HBP, flyout.

  2. Record: The Twins are 79-51

    Topped 2018 record of 78-84. Cleveland is also projected to finish better than last year. Unfortunately for them, another team improved by +20 wins compared to their +2.

  3. so, Twins are likely to have 8 players (outside shot of 9, verry outside shot of 10) with 20+ HRs.

    Player Bombas
    Kepler 35
    Cruz 33
    Rosario 27
    Sano 26
    Garver 23
    Cron 21
    Polanco 19
    Schoop 18
    Gonzalez 14
    Castro 12

    What are the relevant records??

    1. The record is seven, done most recently last year by the Dodgers. It's happened seven times, first in 1996 by the Orioles. Last year's Yankees only had six. The '64 Twins also had six.

        1. Astros have seven with 18+ home runs. Red Sox, Cubs, and Athletics have six players that have reached 18. Yankees have only five players, but two more close to 18. They have 11 players with at least ten home runs with Encarnación at nine and Maybin at eight. They set the record with 12 last year. The Blue Jays also have 11 this year with McKinney at nine and Bichette at eight.

          1. Twins are at 11 in double figures (2Bux at ten). Then it drops to Cave at 5. I suppose Cave could reach ten by the end of the week if he keeps it up.

  4. Twins also lead the Majors in Total Bases by 52 (2.3 pct) over Boston despite having played two fewer games. AL best in doubles and HRs. 25th in Strikeouts, 19th in BBs. 26th in GIDPs.

    6th in OBP. But tied for 12th highest in LOB. I guess that comes with the high SLG.

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