September 16, 2019: Sammy Boy

Sounds like Dyson is very likely out for the season after multiple blowups and injuries.

Dyson's Issues Are

  • Just one of those things (69%, 9 Votes)
  • Hiding injuries on the Giants' part (23%, 3 Votes)
  • All on the Twins for not originally seeing it (8%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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40 thoughts on “September 16, 2019: Sammy Boy”

    1. I think that seems most likely. He was pitching pretty good in the weeks before the trade so I can't see any reason to blame the Giants for anything. If he has been hiding it, at least he's a FA after the season so hopefully the door doesn't hit him on the way out and re-aggravate his bicep.

        1. Well, technically he is only signed through 2019 but is arb eligible (which I missed on first viewing of his BR page) in 2020.

    2. that's fair, but wouldn't that fall on option 3? i'd assume there's some sort of physical/evaluation before a trade can be completed.

      (FWIW, i voted #1)

        1. Not anymore!

          I would like to chalk it up to "these things happen", but this is something that Dyson said had been going on for a while, so I'd be surprised if the Giants didn't know about it.

          Hard to know at that point if the Twins messed up on their checks or if the Giants actually hid something, but I think it's likely that the Giants knew enough about the injury that they decided they would rather trade him and the higher injury risk instead of keeping him around for another year.

      1. In off-season trades, yes. For mid-season trades, at the deadline in particular, there often isn’t enough time, so teams exchange medical records only. That’s why A.J. Preller was able to trade injured pitchers to the Red Sox & Marlins.

          1. Not saying that Zaidi did that, of course. But MLB’s disciplinary action against Preller wouldn’t actually dissuade a GM if they thought the return would be worth it.

            1. right, i'm just saying that could also support rhu_ru's original statement that this could be on dyson and not the twins if there's no real evaluation before the trade.

  1. Hug your people, folks. A good freind's son had a skateboarding accident last night and is in critical condition this morning. The outlook isn't good. Take some time to be nice to each other today as life is often too short.

    1. News just came in that they couldn’t get the swelling in his brain under control and that they’re taking him off life support. Unbelievably sad news.

    2. Terrible news, good advice. I can't imagine the pain of that kind of loss. I'll count my blessings today.

  2. Going to the game tonight with my dad. We'll be in the right field porch. Never been out there. I've always done the infield except my first game which was in the left field bleachers (when they were still bleachers).

  3. If anyone is looking for a cheap present, those Oregon Trail game thingies are down to $13 on that one corporate monolith that ships a bunch of stuff. I might have grabbed one or two for December.

  4. Listening to the Baltimore-Detroit game makes me hope it's a very long time before we have a team like one of those again.

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