37 thoughts on “October 6, 2019: Give It a Rest”

        1. Slinging out brunch burgers and bloody marys til 4. Mow the lawn as it is soooooo overdue. Then, my neighbor made some tasty blueberry liquer that we will check out. Sunshine in Alexandria today. It's a miracle!

  1. Nibbish - Twins game is at 7:40 tomorrow. I will be wrapping up cribbage at 8. Let me know if you want to watch the game at the joint or somewhere else. No worries if you can't (jet lag). I am sure a lot of our players will stick around to watch the game.

      1. I wonder how much the type of procedure matters. I had little discomfort on day two, ~36 hours later, but there was very mild soreness for two more weeks. Just enough to remind me it happened.

    1. Reminds of the final episode of Mad About You where he has a vasectomy and then she changes her mind about wanting to have more kids (twice!). He gets it reversed and then she wants him to get it done again. He lies about getting it done the second time and she ends up getting pregnant.

        1. I was told to lay down as much as possible for three full days; only get up to get food, change the ice pack and go to the bathroom.

          I'm back at work today, but it's still rough. Not constant pain anymore, but very, very tender. Just about any movement is still painful, so I'll be up and walking around all day, but much, much slower than normal.

        1. Our league got around this annoyance by focusing less on match ups, since you can't play defense in Fantasy.

          We had an 8 team league. Finishing first in a week netted you 8 points in the standings. Finishing second earned you 7 points, et cetera.

          If you beat your opponent you also got 8 points while they got one point.

          So if you lost but scored the second most points in the league, you still got seven out of sixteen standings points. If you got lucky and won despite scoring the second fewest points, you only got ten points in the standings.

          Everyone seemed to like it and it saved at least one person one year who just had a stupidly unlucky schedule but led our league in total points.

      1. 4 pts out of Julio Jones, an injured Davante Adams/1 reception by his replacement stand-in and L. McCoy (& the Chiefs) managing 13 total points against the Colts ... gross.

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