21 thoughts on “October 22, 2019: Game 1”

  1. Salt River scored six runs in the ninth to defeat Glendale 11-7. The Rafters are 16-10 and have clinched the division. They will play Surprise in the championship game Saturday.

    Royce Lewis was 2-for-5 with a double, two runs, and two RBIs. He is batting .359/.420/.590 in 78 at-bats.
    Luke Raley was 2-for-4 with a home run (his third), a walk, and five RBIs. He is batting .250/.314/.461 in 76 at-bats.
    Dakota Chalmers started and pitched 3.2 innings, allowing three runs on six hits and two walks and striking out four. His ERA is 5.09 with a WHIP of 1.64, 25 strikeouts, and 12 walks in 17.2 innings.
    Moises Gomez pitched one inning, allowing two runs on no hits and four walks and striking out one. His ERA is 6.55 with a WHIP of 2.09, 15 strikeouts, and 9 walks in 11 innings.
    Zach Neff pitched 1.1 scoreless innings, giving up one hit. His ERA is 1.50 with a WHIP of 0.58, 12 strikeouts, and 1 walk in 12 innings.

  2. The Cubs named Craig Breslow their Director of Pitching, which they say makes him responsible for “the strategic management of the club’s minor league pitching infrastructure.” He spent the last year as the club’s Director of Strategic Initiatives for Baseball Operations. Not surprising to see him advancing in player development, given all that was said about him when he was still an active player, not to mention his academic background.

    1. Wasn't that also the reason that Gardy didn't like him?

      I feel so much better about the direction this club is going now.

      1. I think there was a lot of speculation without any real evidence that Gardy didn't like Breslow because he was too smart. The only reference to Gardy on Breslow's Wiki page is that Gardy was "kind of shocked" when the Twins lost Breslow on waivers, which would indicate that Gardy wanted to keep him, I would think.

            1. Anything's possible, but I agree that I don't remember any real evidence that Gardy thought Breslow was too smart and disliked him for that reason. It's one of those things that seemed like it could be true, but I don't remember anyone quoted to that effect, even anonymously.

              1. If I remember correctly, I believe it was the Twins FO that had issues with Breslow as echoed through FO mouthpiece DicknBert.

                  1. I was thinking the same. But mostly because I’d completely forgotten that Breslow even played for Gardy ... only recalled his most recent stint with the club, not the ‘08-‘09 run.

                  2. I thought the Slowey thing was they put him in the bullpen when he didn't deserve to be demoted and then had a hard time getting warmed up since he was used to starting and got put under the bus because they were acting like he was just refusing to pitch out of the bullpen.

                    1. That was something like the point of no return for his situation, but there was a fair amount of talk and suggestion around him not fitting into Gardenhire's clubhouse at that time and before it because he was too smart.

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