18 thoughts on “2019 World Series Game 5”

            1. His hand was dripping when he came up with the ball. So, unless he was standing ankle-deep in water....

  1. The only thing that would keep this World Series from being one of the worst non-sweep World Series is if the Nats end up winning it. If the Astros win this in 6, especially with the whole press scandal they had, this would be tough to top as far as boring World Series that went at least 6 games.

  2. I watched this game with Nibbish at a local pub. It was great conversation and we tasted some fine brews but we both missed the "flash" moment that did not seem to phase Cole one bit. If you don't know what I am talking about google is your friend, but it is NSFW. I am surprised with MLB's decision to ban the ladies in question. They need all the ratings they can get.

    1. Cole is definitely a singularly focused individual to not even step off the rubber after that.

    2. Why would they do that? Hmmm...

      This is not the first time a moment of unexpected nudity has interrupted a major sporting event. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this year, the Champions League Final was interrupted when a swimsuit-wearing model named Kinsey Wolanski ran onto the pitch and became briefly exposed as she was apprehended by security.

      Though Wolanski already had a significant following on Instagram, the moment turned her into a viral star — and earned her some significant money — as The Sun noted. Social media experts estimated that her worth jumped by nearly $5 million as she saw an explosion in followers, and Kinsey said that those few minutes of fame have allowed her to plan an early retirement.

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