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DK posted a video of Glen Campbell singing Rhinestone Cowboy over at the video section. As I commented, that song is one of my go to karaoke songs. The other one is Love Hurts. I in fact one "sang" Love Hurts at a lesbian bar in Nashville and the the cross-dressing host said afterward, thanks for bringing the mood down, now someone give this guy a blow job! (no one did).

So do you have a go to karaoke song? What works, what doesn't? I found that Born in the USA is just a bunch of shouting and really hard to maintain through the whole song. Gave me even a greater appreciation for the fact that Bruce does that for 3 freaking hours. I have a friend who's kind of nerdy and loves to do country party songs for karaoke. The "problem" is that's kind of awkward and his fist pumps and hip shaking are somewhat half-assed. It's very endearing and fun to watch.

Anyway favorite karaoke? Do you like it when someone just nails the song or when they are really bad but their heart is really into it?

Also drop 'em if you got 'em.

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  1. 1. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy “Mindlessness” Singer's Grave - A Sea of Tongues
    2. Low “Quorum” Double Negative
    3. Beck* “I Get Lonesome” One Foot in the Grave
    4. David Bowie “Hallo Spaceboy” 1. Outside
    5. Wayne Wonder “No Letting Go” Greensleeves Rhythm Album #27: Diwali*

    6. Finley Quaye “It's Great When We're Together” Maverick A Strike
    7. Aphex Twin “Windowlicker (Acid Edit)” 26 Mixes for Cash
    8. Peter Gabriel “Mercy Street” So
    9. Johnny Cash “Redemption” American Recordings
    T. Stan Gets & João Gilbert “The Girl from Ipanema” Getz/Gilberto
    E. Matthew Dear “Ahead of Myself” Beams

    3. Duet with with Calvin Johnson.
    5. I downloaded this album back before I had an iPod and burnt it to CD. It's a weird thing to listen to 20 tracks in a row with the same beat. Actually, 23 as I also added Sean Paul, Lumidee, and Rihanna.

    1. Where was I? Oh, yes:

      1. Magic--Pilot
      2. Colour My World--Chicago
      3. When You Say Nothing At All--Alison Krauss
      4. I Am A Rock--Simon and Garfunkel
      5. Precious And Few--Climax
      6. Cool Night--Paul Davis
      7. Rainy Day People--Gordon Lightfoot
      8. Daniel--Elton John
      9. Leather and Lace--Stevie Nicks and Don Henley
      10. And I Love You So--Don McLean

  2. 01. "The Wizard" – Bat For LashesFur And Gold
    02. "Dave's Song" – WhitneyLight Upon The Lake
    03. "It Collects Itself…" – OwlsTWO
    04. "Roll (Burbank Funk)" – The InternetHive Mind
    05. "Innocent When You Dream (Barroom) – Tom WaitsFranks Wild Years
    06. "Did I Hear You Say You Love Me" – Stevie WonderHotter Than July
    07. "Beercan" – BeckMellow Gold
    08. "Fantastic Man" – William OnyeaborTomorrow
    09. "Forrest Gump" – Frank Oceanchannel ORANGE
    10. "Jenni" – Big ThiefU.F.O.F.

  3. i just did karaoke last friday (at a snack bar no less). i don't have a lot of usuals, though maybe "tired of being alone" (i've got al's inflection down pretty good on that one). i tried to do "young americans" once and quickly realized how out of my league i was . especially by the end of the song.

  4. My experience with karaoke is very limited, but I don't get much out of people singing terribly, even if I know them. They don't have to be great, but I don't want the sound to hurt, you know?

    I've only done it once and that was at a nursing home I was working at. I sang "One Piece At a Time" by Johnny Cash. I'm sure I was terrible, but better than most there!

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