10 thoughts on “December 13, 2019: Unlucky”

    1. I was at a day-long advisory meeting in Irvine. The chair was supposed to fly in before the meeting, but John Wayne was blanketed by fog, so they were diverting traffic, so much so that he could not land at Ontario and got sent to Vegas. After refueling, the plane was going to be redirected to LAX, then back to Sactown, before they finally decided that John Wayne had cleared sufficiently. He arrived only 3.5 hours late (on a normally one-hour flight).

      Good times.

  1. I want to thank everyone for the positive waves. I got myself well prepared and I'm pretty sure I nailed the interview. I really like the opportunity, it plays to all of my strengths and experience and it's an interesting business. I feel like I could bring a lot of value considering their situation and I'm excited about going back to work for the first time in a long time. If this one doesn't pan out, my inbox is full of other openings so I've got a busy weekend ahead. Shalom.

    1. Was at the game ... it felt like they couldn’t hit anything (especially in the 3rd). Every time we’d look at the scoreboard and in-arena stats, we’d shake our heads and wonder how they were still in it at all in the 4th.

      I have to admit, watching Kawhi and Paul on both ends of the floor was worth the price of admission. Leonard went 19-19 from the charity stripe. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

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