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      1. It's one of those moves that can't really hurt you unless you let yourself think you've solved something and so let it keep you from making other moves.

      1. Manfred’s arrogance seems exceptional and, frankly, dangerous for baseball. Of course, he was outside counsel to the owners during the strike, & MLB’s representative for the three most recent CBAs, so I’m guessing it’s pretty unlikely he’s sacked before things go nuclear with MiLB & MLBPA.

    1. I don’t know how many votes one gets, but here’s my ranked ballot:

      1. Cesar Tovar
      2. Justin Morneau
      3. Corey Koskie
      4. Brian Harper
      5. Shane Mack

  1. Backyard outhouse update:
    After a sometimes tense meeting with the 3 Rivers Park District representatives (our commissioner and the superintendent) plus someone from the city (the CR Dam project is a joint project of the city and park district), we learned the difference between "Final Plan" and "Design" is huge.
    The Park District admits the screwed up in not re-opening for public comment before they moved the outhouse from the location in the "Plans" to its actual location.
    The city representative admitted that they screwed up in approving the revised permit without actually looking at it.

    However, it's not moving.  It can't go where it was planned to.  There's no where else it can go.They have said that they will give us extensive input in how they will disguise and obscure the outhouse.  We'll start seeing their drafts in January, and we'll get the opportunity to select which plants are put in and maybe even get them to put some in our yard.  We've already been told that they will put in a version of the "whirligig" spinning vents that won't be visible.

    We also want them to get us proof that the power company will give a variance to their clearcutting easement so they won't cut down the plants used to obscure the toilet.

    After cooling down, EAR and I came to the general understanding that due to the screw ups, we could probably sue and succeed in getting the toilet removed.
    Then after the proper public notice and comment period, it'd be put back in the same location (because there's really nowhere else to put it at that elevation), and there'd be no reason for them to try to appease us with design and vegetation, and they'd have fewer funds with which to do so.

    However, this has all made EAR want to move.  This has changed our property from abutting wilderness to abutting a park. (And the park district wants to develop the park further.) 
    I want to stay here and make the best of this. I love living right here. 
    This is causing stress in our marriage.

    1. That's rough, AMR. I wouldn't be happy if something similar happened near me, but at the same time, wanting to move immediately because of it seems to be too quick of a reaction. EAR just might need to hear you agree that you would be open to moving, but that you'd like to give it some time and see what happens. Sounds like you at least got some traction with the Park District and the city representative, hopefully they will be better at including you and the rest of the public in this going forward.
      Who knows, maybe it won't be a big deal at all and very little will change. I've seen plenty of "parks" that got less use than the overgrown abandoned field that was next to my elementary school.

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