19 thoughts on “January 25, 2020: Chili con Romo”

        1. I see the Secretary issued a response this morning calling her a liar. All the best people indeed.

          1. You'd think if he was gonna lie about it that he'd pick a country somewhat remotely in the region.

    1. I am shocked, shocked at the State Department's response. Oh, wait, I'm not actually shocked at all.

  1. Congrats to Larry Walker for making the Hall of Fame. I'm sure his entire family is thrilled - his parents, Larry and Mary, and his three brothers, Barry, Carey, and Gary. As a Terry with brothers Gary, Larry and Barry, I appreciate the Walker family naming convention.

    1. I have older siblings named Larry, Tarrie, and Sharrie. When they got to me they came up with Lee. Go figure.

  2. So, I had two job interviews this week that went pretty well. One was a second interview with the same company but for a different job. They thought I was overqualified for the initial job I applied for but called me back in when this new job got posted. One of the advantages of being a mature professional is that you have so much experience, you have ready answers for pretty much every question an interviewer can throw you, and you know what kinds of things to to ask about when they give you the floor. It's like taking batting practice with nothing but easy fastballs down the middle. Any positive waves the nation can send are appreciated, I really need to get back to work.

    1. I have always enjoyed being interviewed, and have always hated trying to get interviewed. Good vibes sent, my man.

  3. Was invited to join friends at the Timberwolves game last night. Been a while. The new digs at Taget Center are nice! Afterwards, we had drinks at the bar in our hotel (Loews). As I pay up at the bartop, I find myself standing next to Eddie Rosario, Berrios and Polanco. Decided to just give them a "Hey Guys". As i walk back to my group and explain who they are, one lady remarks "they look so small"

      1. Yeah, to be honest, we didn't watch much of the game. My friend had a suite. It was more of a networking and eating good food deal.

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