77 thoughts on “May 29, 2020: Diggin’ It”

        1. The major difference is that donald j trump is president. Instead of trying to calm an already fearful nation he’s stoking the flames of resentment that will almost certainly lead to more violence.

  1. I just about left for Mpls a couple of times over night. But decided I probably shouldn't lose my job. Really getting their money's worth this week. I have serious questions as to whether I'll be able to get to South Minneapolis at 9 tonight.

      1. Thanks. If I wasn't looking for a place to move to by 7/1 I'd probably not even try, but I'm *supposed* be looking at 3 places on Saturday. But I have to check in on that today yet.

  2. With all the difficult stuff happening right now, the jalapeno is in tears because I told him he has to get dressed. Of all the dumb battles to be having...

    1. I think I can relate to the jalapeno, I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.

      I'm planning to leave Minneapolis today. I got sick a few weeks ago, and the doctor pointed to anxiety as the likely source. I don't feel like I have a reasonable sense of scale or context right now. I feel like I'm being gas-lit. And I feel guilty because I have it so much easier than most people and I'm still not handling things well.

      1. My family recently went through some personal issues that are never easy to deal with, but going through it on top of everything else added a nearly-unbearable weight to it all.

        We're back on track, for the most part, but it really felt like a coin on the train tracks that managed to derail everything.

  3. I don’t know why this didn’t register with me until last night, as I watched the reports coming out of Minneapolis: Cup Foods, the market where MPD officers killed George Floyd, was four blocks from my last Minneapolis address. I lived just south of 42nd, the border between Bancroft & Northrop. I went into Cup regularly for cigarettes & snacks. That was almost twenty years ago now, but that realization made this cut even deeper.

  4. Just drove both University and Lake. Lots of people (especially in St. Paul on University) out cleaning up debris. Several buildings completely burned to the ground. Fire crews at Chicago and Lake were just starting to try to put out a fire at the northeast corner (TMobile store).

    1. I was just looking at the very lengthy list of damaged businesses and saw a report with drone footage of the damage. They didn't list homes but I've seen reports of that, too.
      Lots of businesses around here closing for the weekend.

      1. I had to take a few detours where University and Lake were closed for fire control and didn't see a single house that had been damaged.

      1. Their position on this — not just compared to their fellow owners, but their dad’s roles in collusion & contraction — has been good to see. I’ll give them the stick for continuing to sign i-i’s meal tickets, but they deserve credit when they do the right thing, as they are now.

  5. Guess what's going to be a huge problem down the road...

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            1. This is excellent work. Thank you for this valuable service to the WGOM community.
              I intend to take opportunities to recognize the mood lifters among us in these very, very challenging times.

  6. In other news, I was a near absolutely useless employee this week. I thought I was rolling with things as well as any, but I think WFH fatigue has landed hard.
    It's way more than just the work itself, but that role has suffered the most.

    1. Hang in. I was on site every day this week and was equally worthless as I spent most of my time trying to figure out where we should begin. These are strange times. No response is unusual.

    1. I noticed Kroll has been conspicuously absent from pretty much every news source I’ve been pouring through. Was kind of waiting for him to show.

  7. Got a coworker who lives 3 blocks from the 5th precinct (right by the Y). So far, he says he's sticking it out, but I've told him to call if his family needs to evacuate. This is just ridiculous.

  8. Sheenie did a lot of volunteer work with YouthLink the last decade, and the Hibachi Grill currently burning to the ground was a very popular place for homeless teens because it was all-you-could-eat which was a godsend when you are experiencing homelessness.

      1. Other than call the White House and beg for martial law, apparently. Which, given the person capable of ordering such an occupation, is deeply frightening.

        I’ve also read reports that Customs & Border Patrol had a Predator drone flying over the city, allegedly on a surveillance mission.

        1. Paraphrased interaction at the press conference:

          Reporter: There are reports that white supremacists ate present and causing destruction. Will you comment?

          Governor Walz: I can't get into the specifics, but maybe. Also, the drug cartels have sent people here because they're annoyed that the supply lines have been cut off.

          Truly bizarre.

            1. Bizarre because it did nothing to relay any information or answer any questions to reassure that there was any sort of ability to do anything, and, on top of basically saying there's nothing they can do, they had those memeworthy comments above. Why did it take until 130am to basically announce to the world "we got nothing?"
              Surely, that could have been done two hours earlier.

                    1. It was better than complete silence (which led to crazy things like Local officials tweeting that the guards had been withdrawn).

                    2. One of my favorite quotes from Star Trek:

                      CRUSHER: I mean, you're acting like you know exactly which way to go, but you're only guessing. Do you do this all the time?
                      PICARD: No, but there are times when it is necessary for a captain to give the appearance of confidence.

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