22 thoughts on “May 30, 2020: Why”

  1. I just feel like I have so little sense of what's actually happening here.

    Just saw this:

      1. I find it hard to believe, especially after Ferguson, that there isn’t an “organized external anarchist” playbook in the intel and law enforcement circles.
        I would suppose there is a lag in recognition and response time to deal with such a thing.

        1. One word I'm really getting tired of - unprecedented. It's being used as an excuse to not be prepared.

          1. Evidence and detention issues, I’m sure.
            But they should be getting documented at the very least.

    1. My friend lives in Powderhorn. She told me Thursday night that word in her neighborhood group chat that out of state people were coming to town. She didnt feel safe anymore and yesterday morning took her and her kids to her parents house.

      1. I just was there looking at a place and there were a bunch of people who were driving like they had no idea where they were.

  2. I've seen three vans with dudes on walkie talkies this morning as I'm driving from appt to appt. Scrawny white dudes and definitely not cops.

  3. Was just at 38th and Chicago again dropping off supplies (food, diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.). Quite a few out of state cars driving up to the area and then leaving without parking or anyone getting out.

  4. I think this article is definitely onto something. I've learned quite a bit about vascular diseases since I developed it, and the idea that COVID-19 is both a respiratory infection and a vascular disease explains so much. Short, informative, fascinating read.

  5. So, Younger Daughter lives in Uptown a couple of blocks off Hennepin Ave. Her post office got looted and burned last night. I have a feeling that the non-confrontation strategy of the last couple nights is over and things are going to get very real tonight. We told YD that she could come and stay with us if she wants to. She declined but assured us she would be home and locked in by curfew. Still, I doubt I'll sleep very well tonight.

  6. Looking at the Hennepin County jail records of people taken in last night to see what info about people from out of town exists, and so far I've found one guy who seems to be a legit anarchist from Michigan who was arrested. People from Alaska(?! - he seems to have been living in Mpls for a little while, but still gave an Alaska address), Kansas City, Big Lake, Lakeville, and two from Hastings were arrested for riot, but my internet sleuthing can't get any more details about that person.

    (Also, I never look at a daily snapshot of arrests, but it's super depressing to see so many domestic abuse arrests even with all the other craziness going on last night.)

    (Also, also, someone got arrested for a DWI in which they allegedly also threw either a bodily fluid or feces at the officer.)

  7. I shouldn't laugh, but seeing the Pizza Hut delivery guy show up on Kare 11 just now was pretty hilarious.

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