52 thoughts on “June 25, 2020: Vegas, Baby”

    1. Hopes to. We had a problem here because Mardi Gras creates a scheduling problem - they just shut down the buildings and we all get a 4 day weekend and have a massive production loss on Wednesday. The board said that the dates were close enough usually the MLK and that the staff should just be happy with what they already get. The maintenance staf (13 of the 14 employees are POC) all called in sick on MLK day. Not an organized strike per se, but it got the message across. We now get MLK day off the board be damned.

  1. In lighter news, I just scored a weber smokey mountain off evilbook marketplace. Dude has to move to MO (some tiny town between KC and .... ) for his wife's residency. I'm stoked, and soon the smoker will be too.

    1. And his next in the thread.

      1. I've been listening to P.A. a bit because I've been driving around mid-morning. His head is in the sand about football being played. He's more worried about how many people can be in the stands as opposed to how can you keep players healthy.

        Don't get me wrong, he's not a "COVID19 is not a big deal" guy. He just thinks it all can be managed.

  2. Today’s sandwich features smoked ham, double creme brie, bit of butter, fig jam and butter lettuce on a baguette. Could be the best this week. Though it’s technically a hot dog as the bread wasn’t sliced all the way through. /winks

    1. Oh man... fig jam is a perfect inclusion there. Nice. It's been too long since I've had that... I might have to go get some.

    2. today's sandwich was...a leftover cheeseburger patty on toasted rye bread. A cheeseburger sandwich, as it were.

  3. Not sure if anyone posted this, but the proposed schedule keeps it simple:

    10 games each against each inter division opponent
    20 games total against corresponding region in the opposite league

    So the playoffs, for the first time since their inception, will feature some matchups that never happened in the regular season.

  4. RIP Sergei Krushchev, of an apparent gunshot to the head. Unclear whether he died by suicide or it was an accidental discharge, but no foul play suspected. He was 84.

    Krushchev was the son of the former Soviet leader and was an expert on guided missile design. He moved to the US in 1991 as a visiting scholar at Brown, and later became a US citizen.

    1. And Pineda. Is the rest of his suspension still pending? He's not going to be able to pitch until September now.

  5. I got a haircut today. I was not expecting so much hair to get caught between my mask and my face...

  6. Just found out officially my wife will be taking her talents to San Antonio. (Technically a suburb of San Antonio). The school she had taught at for 18 years or so had closed in May. Since I work from home, I told her that she didn't necessarily need to find work around here, especially with how high the cost of living is here. She will be teaching computer science to junior high and high school students as well as working in the front office in some capacity, either doing IT or helping with grades, etc. Teachers are supposed to report the first week of August, so we have a lot to do in a short time, including selling our house.

            1. It's been more than 20 years since I was there, and it was brief, but it was a memorable trip and I loved it too.

              Best of luck to the SoCal family!

    1. S.A. has pequin peppers in the street markets - small but powerful.

      When I was there last (a while ago), we went to some authentic BBQ joints downtown. If you wear a tie, they will cut it off with a scissors and hang it on their wall of ties.

  7. I know the conventional wisdom is that the 1994 Montreal Expos would have won the World Series ig it wasnt for the strike. But would they? The Yankees were strong that year finishing with a .619 winning percentage. The Braves were in the midst of their NL dominance. The White Sox had a strong lineup and good pitching and right behind them in the standing were Cleveland with is lineup of soon-to-be HoFers and Hall of Very Good players.
    The Expos were great, but I dont think a WS trophy is a cut and dry case.

    1. I've never heard anyone say the Expos would have won the '94 World Series. I have heard many say that they had a good shot at the WS, which is far and away better than anything in their past history, 1981 excepted.

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