25 thoughts on “June 26, 2020: GoThogs Day”

  1. I was going to make this into a FMD post, but I don't have the time to do it justice, and I'm not sure a 50-something white dude is the right messenger but I just wanted to make everyone aware that there is a lot posts on local social media about local male musicians who have a long history of preying on and violating women, many of whom are pretty well known on this site and probably are on our collected playlists. And they are naming names. Local media is slow to report on these stories although the Star Tribune finally has an article out. See link. Chris Reimenschneider has intimated that there's a lot more to come. Andrea Swenson has been pushing MPR too and MPR finally had to come out with a statement that they are aware of the allegations (including a Current DJ) and may do some further reporting.


    1. Yuck, but thank you for calling attention to this. I know there's been a lot of talk this past week about stuff that has gone on in the comics world, particular at conventions, though I'm only tangentially connected to that world, so I don't really know specifics. And along with all that, there have been some accusations about one or more teachers/employees at the local high school too.

      1. As a non-subscriber I can’t open the link. But...ugh. We can’t have nice things.

        Less specific to the WGOM, professional wrestling is going through what’s labeled as a #SpeakingOut movement and some big names are in huge trouble. Because pro wrestling fandom has pockets of creepiness and hatefulness, there have also been a couple of false claims that have already been unearthed as fans were targeting black wrestlers.

        Everything sucks.

    1. my wife made an appointment for me for next week for her chop shop. I'm not ready to go back to my usual (rhymes with "Fate Slips"), but I definitely need a cleanup on aisle 9.

      1. When I was first laid off by the newspaper biz at the beginning of the Great Recession more than a decade ago, my wife decided to save money by getting clippers and giving me and our boys haircuts. She still does it, so we haven't had that problem during this. She had her first haircut in a few months a week or two ago.

        1. My wife ordered some clippers a month or so into quarantine, though it took a while to actually get them, considering they were back ordered. Her first shot at it went pretty well. A bit shorter on top than I’d probably prefer, but that blame lays firmly on my own guard choice, not her handiwork. My 9-year-old joined in as well, and thought it was pretty fun to get to shave my hair off.

  2. So if the Twins were playing in Houston right now, and someone felt a twinge in their hamstring -- they'd have to leave Houston to get it imaged, right? Not to mention more freak injuries which would normally result in surgery+ICU, but in a city with no vacant ICU space.

    The merits of the plan to keep the players safe from COVID-19 can be argued -- I think they can probably find some guidelines which, if followed, would provide a reasonable level of safety from contracting COVID-19, but potentially that is overly optimistic -- but I don't see any way in which it really makes sense to be playing in an area with full ICUs and no elective medical care, even if everyone on the team is testing negative.

    1. There are all kinds of clinics that do imaging that would not have any COVID patients. Or at least there used to be. A lot of small medical practices have had to close because they are losing so much money right now.

  3. After 25 years of faithful service, my lawn mower died a week ago and needs a new carburetor. Rather than put any money into it, I got a replacement on craigslist, a Craftsman EZ Walk 1600 with a Honda engine. The guy who sold it to me cut the price to 60 bucks because the self-propulsion wasn't working. He also said he sometimes had to pull the cord 10 or 15 times to get it started. I asked if he used the choke (a nice automatic one) and he said no, not usually. He did admit that he's not very mechanical, though. So I got it home and quick mowed the front with no wheel drive because rain was moving in. During the rain I checked out the drive system and found the belt had slipped the shaft pulley. Easy peasy, fixed in a flash. And as long as I set the choke first, it starts on the first pull every time. So I think I got myself a bargain.

    1. found the belt had slipped the shaft pulley

      I'm no mechanic, but did anybody not see this coming?
      Can you apply the same model...but with boats? Asking for a friend wife.

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