20 thoughts on “July 11, 2020: Heading Nort’”

  1. On the Smoker

    2 Filet Mignons from Brines in Stillwater with a dusting of salt and pepper, then smoked with applewood chunks at 250F for about an hour, then hard sear on a frying pan at high heat with some mushrooms to seal the deal. Served with wax beans from farmer's market in Stillwater.

    Kudos to the Infusion Gardens stand at the farmer's market (Stillwater based) - last week we got bloody mary pickles - today we got Peperonata (grilled bell peppers, grilled onions, grilled fennel, fresh garlic, fresh basil, capers, red wine vinegar).

    1. I missed this last night, but that sounds fantastic. I ferried back to New Orleans some of Schmidt’s finest offerings including bacon (both smokes and raspberry chipotle), wild rice brats, and ground beef. Certainly better than any offerings around us.

  2. New bird on the ground by the feeder. Black on the top and orange on the belly. White spot on the back of the shoulder wing. Didn't look as orange as a Baltimore Oriole, but didn't match anything else in the bird book. No white spot on the tail. Ideas?

    1. We had a new one on the ground last week in the back yard. First thought was it was a baby chicken that had gotten loose, then maybe a baby wild turkey (our town has has gangs of the mofos roaming about). But interwebs consensus settled on a baby grouse.

      1. Saw another one today and it is probably an Eastern Towhee. Very jumpy on the ground. Bird book says often found at William O'Brien State Park (which is 5 stone throws from here).

  3. Just finished my taxes. Sweet jesus the trump tax cuts for us middle class americans is really helping out. not.

    1. I miss three good old days of complaining about how I gave the government an interest-free loan.

      1. almost done with mine. I have been searching high and low for all charitable contributions. Did not anticipate needing to save receipts because did not anticipate selling/buying a house.

        1. I did everything I could to reduce my obligations by giving, saving, spending and not cheating the system.

          I live in a community property state which makes filing married but separate returns very difficult for an individual though the actual cost saving because student loans pretty significant. I ended up free filing joint returns because frustration with the system and working out the cost of a cpa plus additional tax burden broke us almost even. Boo urns.

          1. Just this year because of the point we paid on the new (bigger) mortgage and other deductions associated with the transactions.

            Next year, not so much. Plus, the Girl is no longer a dependent, so we lose that credit too.

            1. Just finished and filed. FWIW, I basically broke even. State refund, minus the Turbotax criminal e-filing fee, was slightly larger than what I owed the federales.

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