July 12, 2020: Electric Company

I must admit, though this puts me firmly in suburban dad territory, I do enjoy my collection of battery operated lawn equipment and am looking forward to adding to it. A hedge trimmer was my last birthday present suggestion when my mom inquired.

15 thoughts on “July 12, 2020: Electric Company”

    1. I very much like my electric lawnmower. But I think the battery is not interchangeable with other products from the same company (Ryobi). Leaf blower is next on the agenda because long driveway and shit-tons of leaves from three big deciduous trees in the front.

      1. Ryobi has two systems: 18 V and 40 V. Looks like their mowers use the latter. I have their 40 V blower and it works well but goes through the battery quickly.

      2. I have the EGo mower and I freekin love it. Does my whole 1/3 acre on one charge. I don't do much non-corded items though. I've got my Dewalt drill and sawzall, but my other stuff is all corded Ryobis that work pretty dang good. I also bought a Dewalt nail gun today and I find it very enjoyable that the belt clip has a pencil sharpener in it.

    2. I'm ready for a battery powered leaf blower, wrestling the extension cords around the lawn gets old. And a weed trimmer. Mine died a few years ago and I've been trimming with hand clippers ever since.

      1. thinking about maybe this, since I already have a battery. (It lists for $179 with a battery and charger at my Home Despot, $129 without battery; on Amazon, $159 w/o; Lowe's apparently does not carry Ryobi)

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