47 thoughts on “July 13, 2020: Big Fat Hairy Deal”

      1. Agreed that "Warriors" is stupid. Also Wolves, Red Wolves, etc - the seemingly random "team name" suggestions.
        Need a bad name suggestion thread:...

        1. Redtails if they are quite clearly hawks.

          But I am less than comfortable about an owner who so clearly thumbed his nose towards Native peoples in this country opening and brazenly profiting off of a group of Black war heroes.

          1. Was Maeve Higgins just completely off the whole show? She's generally hilarious (though not necessarily in a way that serves the show's aesthetic), but this week... ugh.

    1. If the NHL can have a team based on a movie (at least for awhile anyway), there's no reason not to get on the phone with Warner Brothers and become the Washington Sentinels.

      1. Right. Because neither Snyder nor the NFL could afford it....

        But seriously, how did the NY Football Giants do it? Or any number of other franchises with overlaps?

        There have been quite a few naming overlaps between different pro sports franchises over the years, including cases where they overlapped in the same city. The NFL's Cardinals were in St. Louis 1960-87. The Brooklyn Dodgers NFL franchise played there in the 1930s and 1940s.

  1. So the air conditioner non-repairman showed up on Saturday. I told him what was going on and he says there's a leak in the drain pan and it can't be fixed. I don't know that much about HVAC but I was still pretty incredulous. He didn't even crack open the evaporator unit to look at it. But he somehow knew that we have the major appliance replacement plan and offered to have a salesman call. So it comes down to either replace the whole system, most likely including the furnace which is 30 years old but still perfectly functional, or attempting a DIY repair of the AC. Under normal circumstances we'd just bite the bullet and replace it all, but these are not normal times. I have real reluctance about the former right now because money, and about the latter because air conditioners pack a lot of pressure in the refrigerant lines. Technicians always discharge the refrigerant before servicing but I don't have the tools for that. I may try Home Depot, I know they rent some specialized home repair/maintenance equipment. I'm pretty sure if I can get the evaporator unit out I can repair or replace the drip pan, but we'll see.

    1. I hate this dynamic where it appears to cost less to replace things rather than to repair them. I know time has value, but it seems so incredibly wasteful.

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