32 thoughts on “July 3, 2020: Holdouts”

  1. I’ve become much more lazy with shaving. I used to be always every week day, then Fall if this school year I fell back to every other day, but now with not appearing in a classroom, I’m down to around once a week. At about a week my face gets too itchy to last much longer.

      1. My wife got me some clippers and gave me one haircut so far. Nearing time for round two at some point soon.

        My kids, on the other hand, have let it grow. Our 6-year-old has always had his hair long, so it just means it’s gotten even longer. It’s about mid-back now, but that’s the way he likes it, and his hair looks good that way anyway.

        9-year-old usually has shorter hair, but has used this opportunity to let it get long and bonkers. He has curlier, coarser hair, so it mostly stands up all around his head. But again, that’s the way he wants it, so whatever. It’s not up to Phil Specter level yet, but by August it may be.

    1. I can't justify more than once a week - too short to do a proper job. Now with the Covid goatee I can actually push it a little bit longer too, since my high-growth areas are established as facial hair.

  2. There's a youtube channel, "Classic Baseball on the Radio", that has literally hundreds of radio broadcasts of old ball games. I'm listening to game three of the 1949 World Series. When Yogi Berra came up to bat, the PA announcer introduced him as "Larry Berra". I just thought that was kind of interesting.

  3. I barely touch my razor in regular times, but haven't touched it at all since March. No haircut either, so I'm real close to having a solid COVID flow.

  4. I got lazy when I lived in Texas and stopped shaving. I shaved clean for my brother's wedding in June 2015 and haven't shaved since. I do take the clippers and scissors to it to keep it neat, but no razor in 5 years now.

  5. thin, blonde with tinges of ginger (and, increasingly, gray). Does not lend itself to an impressive look. I manage to shave a couple of times per week now, instead of daily or every other day.

    But I did get my hair cut on Wednesday, for the first time since late January or early February.

  6. Got my first cut since March on Thursday. It gets so thick behind my ears that it starts looking like Mercury's wings. It's been forever since I've worn it long, so it was fun while it lasted, hot summer weather excepted.

  7. twayn signal!

    ***throwing up an emergency twayn signal***

    My vehicle was just diagnosed with a rear main seal leak, and I was quoted $2,900 in repairs (because it requires removing the transmission and possibly also the engine). That's just about the Blue Book value of the vehicle.

    In a non-pandemic, I put a decent amount of highway miles on traveling all over Minnesota for work, and I'm told the risk with the leak is that it will run out of oil faster which could kill the engine.

    I see some products which, for about $15, seem to slow/stop the leak. It seems improbable to me that a $2,900 repair can be avoided/mitigated by a $15 bottle of stuff, but I'm curious if you have any experience with any of these products or if I should just hunker down and prepare to probably buy a replacement vehicle soon.

    1. the risk with the leak is that it will run out of oil faster which could kill the engine.

      Not Twayn and the inner workings of engines are beyond me, but...
      a) yes, if you run out of oil, that will probably catastrophically kill your engine
      b) it won't run out of oil if you keep checking and putting some in...but attention/effort required
      b.i) if you're replenishing often enough, you don't need to take it in for oil changes...semi-facetious
      b.ii) if you're at risk of losing a substantial portion in a single road trip...that's scary territory
      c) leaks usually don't get better with time, so there's something to be wary of. (But they may not get all that much worse...)
      d) leaks can be anywhere from a seep, to drips, to substantial loss. I don't know where you're parking, but I assume you don't want to be oiling your garage, or driveway...or neighborhood.

  8. I have cut my hair since right before the bars shut down on St. Patricks Day. About a month ago I was itching to get it cut because I work outside and its hot and my ballcap doesnt fit on my hair properly anymore but now I'm going for it all. long hair, then going manbun. 😆

    this is the longest my hair has ever been.

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