33 thoughts on “August 13, 2020: Distractions”

  1. Last night's game time Zoom worked out well enough, peaking with four attendees, and even had the game video on shared screen through the miracle of [redacted]. We confirmed that NBB is not a 'bot, and best of all the Twins kicked major tail. Thanks for hanging out, guys!

    I think game time Zooms will be a better deal than our standard Sunday evening Zooms (which I dropped last week), and we'll try them maybe once a week. Next Thursday is another 6:05 game -- we'll probably give it another go then.

        1. Now that you mention it, I think the Dread Pirate and Sheenie are the only ones who've met her

          1. I'm certain that the DPWY has a spreadsheet organizing who he's met from this blog, when, and where. Maybe I'm thinking of DG, tho....

  2. There are too many podcasts I want to listen to this week, but I am also excited to listen to The Distraction...and appreciate that it is only an hour!

  3. Was notified that I’ve been exposed to someone who is potential covid positive case. This was a matter of time. I’m really frustrated with my organization.

    1. Woman whose daughter has the same piano teacher as Miss SBG (all lessons have been via zoom since April) died last night of "pneumonia". She was 52. Four people who live next door to my parents in small town ND have tested positive. It is everywhere.

      1. Scary.
        I do wonder if we're ever going to get a good "post-mortem" (kindly forgive the phrase) that does a halfway decent job of normalizing the cases and deaths in states that are working with different reporting regimes. I spend too much time staring at state-by-state numbers but have no idea if I'm seeing even relatively good data.

        1. I heard yesterday that Texas has halved their testing, but getting the same number of positives: positive test rates up to 24%. That's terrifying. On the other hand, if we had good testing, we could have a better feel for how prevalent this is and also, then, how deadly it is (or isn't). Huge numbers of dead people, we know that. But has 2% of the population gotten it (verified number of cases)? 10%? 40%? We simply do not know.

      2. If you haven't read about it; Cardinals' relief pitcher had tested positive, hair stylist had done his hair the day he tested positive, said stylist heard about the positive test and waited for a contact tracing call and never got one, and eventually took the team to task about it. Apparently it was the pitcher's responsibility to call...supposedly.

        1. It’s impossible to remember what I ate for dinner on Monday (okay, red beans and rice), but chronicling who I came into contact with over the last 3 days at work is very difficult. Also, I’m not supposed to tel anyone to protect the identity of the person who might be Covid positive. Stupid.

          1. That's where technology could come in. Why not use all that spying for something good instead of trying to sell me something.

            1. My favorite meme lately: Bill Gates doesn't need a vaccine to inject you with a microchip. Steve Jobs already sold you one for $1000 and you love it. Stop freaking out.

          2. I should correct myself: he saw the stylist the day he started having symptoms, and the stylist asks everyone the standard questions before cutting hair, so yeah.

          1. You know those 2'x5' banners with players that hung on the streets outside the Metrodome (and now Target Field) during the season? Well, I was the winner for a lot of three of them from the 2002 season. They're two-sided and my three are:
            1. Eddie Guardado/Jacque Jones
            2. AJ/Mientkiewicz
            3. LaTroy Hawkins/ Rick Reed

            Obviously, the Reed side will never see the light of day, but I can't wait to figure out how to hang/display the others.

          2. I didn't see it go over the $3,661 bid...I had my wife almost convinced after showing comps in the $8-10k range, haha.

            Were those the Get to Know 'Em banners? I moved up here in 2002 and that's the first marketing slogan I remember, how much were those? Clearly I should have watched more of the auction!

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