Game 28: so much royals

I'm about done with Royals games. I'd be saying that even if they didn't have our number, but right now, our favorite team is 3-5 against them, and 14-5 against all other teams. It strikes me that the Twins would probably like playing someone else for a bit, as well.

Tonight, the Twins send Dobnak to try to regain some sense to all of this. He did a fine job against this team six days ago, so there's no reason to think he can't do the same today.

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  1. tbh, the distance seemed longer than that

    1. The terminal velocity of a baseball is much lower than even the pitched speed so it loses horizontal speed quickly. I don't think most people appreciate that the trajectory of every batted ball is nearly vertical on the way down.

  2. Dazzle mentioned that after the strikeout, Holland wanted the ball back and didn't want it thrown around the horn. I think if I was the next batter, the first thing I'd do is ask the umpire to look at the ball. It could be nothing, but I would want to make sure.

    1. I recall one of the "rules" for this season was the ball shouldn't be thrown around the horn to prevent contact transmission. It still happens most of the time, habits die hard, but I have also seen it thrown back to the pitcher instead in those circumstances.

      1. So there was probably nothing there at all. Still, it wouldn't hurt anything to have the umpire check.

  3. I have no idea whether it was catcher's interference, but that's a call the umpire needs to make right away, not after the batter complains.

  4. Padres are putting the hurt on the 'stros tonight. 13-2 in the 7th.

    uNwRiTtEn RuLeZ going into effect.

    1. The Slam Diego Padres are the feel good story of the season. Rangers so rocked that they can’t even beat the Mariners.

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