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Wild Card Game 1 – Astros at Twins

For the 3rd time in four years the Twins are in the playoffs and somehow this time it feels different. Sure we are living in a pandemic, just had a 60 games season and eight teams made the playoffs, so of course it feels different. But this year the Twins just seem to have a shot, especially if Byron Buxton and Josh Donaldson are able to play. EDIT: Bux in, Donaldson out.

The hated Astros are in town and you just know just about everyone outside of the Houston area will be rooting for the Twins to easily dispatch of those cheaters. Rich Hill has been especially outspoken about his disdain for the Astros and what they did to baseball and even though he probably won't pitch this series I hope his hatred rubs off on his teammates.

Kenta Maeda on the mound for the Twins (another guy who may have some thoughts on the Astros) and easily the Twins ace this year and richly deserves the opening slot. Zach Grienke pitching for the Astros and while he started strong this year, has labored recently. Let's hope it's a trend.

Game time is at 1:08p this afternoon televised on ABC and lots of radio outlets and streaming platforms. Weather should be perfect for fall baseball.

1. Luis Arraez, 2B
2. Byron Buxton, CF
3. Max Kepler, RF
4. Nelson Cruz, DH
5. Eddie Rosario, LF
6. Miguel Sano, 1B
7. Jorge Polanco, SS
8. Ryan Jeffers, C
9. Marwin Gonzalez, 3B

2020 Game 60 – End of the (ir)regular season Reds at Twins

The Twins head into the final game of the season knowing they will host a first round playoff matchup but could be playing anyone but TB and Oakland.

The Twins paid for those who bet OVER their season win total of 34.5.

Twins tied with Oakland as the team to go UNDER the total the most times going 20-35 (20 games OVER, 35 UNDER and 4 ties) including 9-19 at home with the most UNDER home games in the MLB,

I am in Vegas for the week and will be laying a few on the Twins to win the Series.

Today's scenarios:

  • #2 Seed - Twins win or Twins lose and Oakland loses and White Sox lose
    • #7 see could be
      • Cleveland if they lose and finish 34-26
      • White Sox if they lose and Cleveland wins both at 35-25
  • #3 Seed - Twins lose and Oakland wins and White Sox lose
    • #6 seed will be Houston
  • #4 Seed - Twins lose and White Sox win
    • #5 seed could be
      • Yankees if they win or Toronto loses
      • Toronto if they win and Yankees lose

Put another way -

  • Twins win
    • #2 seed play Cleveland or White Sox
  • Twins lose
    • #2 seed if Oakland and White Sox lose play Cleveland or White Sox
    • #3 seed if Oakland wins and White Sox lose play Houston
    • #4 seed if White Sox win and play Yankees or Toronto

There are no MLB games Sunday Oct 4 so baseball gods willing my next game logs will be game 1 of the ALCS on Oct 11 and if necessary game 5 of the World Series on Oct 25.


Game the Penultimate: Reds @ Twins

We're almost to the end of this nutty season.

I had a lot of skepticism at the onset that this season was wise or even possible to complete. Credit where it's due: they did it. Sixty (or in some cases, very nearly sixty) games in the books. Weird books, they are, too. The Orioles were in contention until a couple of weeks ago. The freaking MARLINS actually made the playoffs.

Some people will undoubtedly dismiss this season as a freak show -- an exhibition that shouldn't have happened, or one that in some way counts for less than a normal, full, 162 game season.

Not me, though.

Old favorite Ervin Santana utilizes his Twitter feed to encourage everyone to #SMELLBASEBALL. To feel it. To let it deep into your bones. In July, I was skeptical, but man... This year, I smelled baseball.

I don't know what happens from here. There's reason for optimism, there's reason for pessimism. For now, we get a chance to dwell on the best sport there is.

Go Twins!

2020 Game 56 – Tigers at Twins

Final week of the season and the Twins start a two-gamer against the Gardy-less Tigers #pouroneoutforGardy.

No announced starter for the Twins this morning but the Tigers trot out Tarik Skubai, who has won and lost a game against the Twins this year.

UPDATE: It's Homer Bailey!!!! Who even remembers he was on the team?

Nelson Cruz appears to still be nursing a sore knee so we probably won't see him today.

There's still a chance for the Twins to win the Central so I'd hope they take these last few games seriously, especially against a team that definitely is looking forward to wrapping up and going home.

September mid-week game so 6:40p start.

2020 GAME 55: Twins(+136) at Cubs (-147) – Total 7

Six games remaining.

Yankees losing today puts both teams at 22 losses.

Twins need to finish with 1 less loss in 6 games than Yankees have in 7.

Tiebreakers if Twins and Yankees finish with same record:

If two teams from separate divisions are tied for a Wild Card spot (remember, there were no games outside of a team's East, Central or West region this year), the next tiebreaker goes to the team with the higher winning percentage in its own division

Twins 21-17 vs Central

Yankees 22-13 vs East

So Twins will lose the tiebreaker and must finish ahead of Yankees.


@ Cubs - Berrios vs Darvish - Underdog

vs Detroit - Unknown vs Skubal - Likely favored

vs Detroit - Maeda vs Mize - Likely favored

vs Cincy - Hill vs Bauer - Likely favored

vs Cincy - Pineda vs Castillo - Likely favored

vs Cincy - Berrios vs unknown - Likely favored

Its kind of a big game tonight.

Yankees at Boston today (LOSS) - 4 at Toronto then 3 vs Miami to finish.