2020 Game 39: Tigers at Twins

Two wins in a row! Injuries to Kepler and Arraez! Can we have good things?

By tonight, the Twins will be two-thirds of the way through their schedule, as one of the teams still on track to play all sixty games. They’re still in third, but can erase that with a perfect day here.

After finally coming back home to WGOM, in August I went through the most stressful month of my entire life. Without getting into specifics, suffice it to say that it’s over, and it’s nice to be back to worrying about nothing but silly stuff like baseball again. Let’s win two, gang.

83 thoughts on “2020 Game 39: Tigers at Twins”

    1. It was only a two run lead going into the second-to-last inning. Facing Reyes-Schoop-Cabrera for the third time is a lot different than getting Demeritte-Romine-Paredes out the second time.

          1. I saw Shatner at the Bushnell a couple of years ago - one-man show deal. I was surprised at the animosity between some of the original ST cast and him - especially Sulu.

            Interesting part is that Shatner never said no to a gig. He had been poor/hungry early on and that affected his entire career.

            From my John Lewis' book i learned that Uhuru means 'Freedom' in Sengalese - not sure if that is the same as Uhura.

          1. To expand on that—it’s a 14-inning day for the team so it’s arguably more important to finish extra innings more quickly than in a typical day with just one 9-inning game.

            I also still think it’s a great tiebreaker for the regular season where the better team wins more often than the lesser team, we get to see interesting situational baseball compacted into fewer innings, and teams don’t wear through as many UCLs or rotator cuffs in the bullpen. In the post-season it would be a bad rule.

  1. I kind of like that the automatic runner on second base in extras means the catchers really have to block the ball the entire inning and it makes it riskier for pitchers to spike the ball in the dirt.

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