September 5, 2020: Earvin

It's been awhile since we've done a poll, so here's a pointless one:

Magic Johnson's Twitter Feed Is

  • Whut? (80%, 8 Votes)
  • A magnificent troll job (10%, 1 Votes)
  • Completely earnest (10%, 1 Votes)

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40 thoughts on “September 5, 2020: Earvin”

  1. Since it is nearly my father's 90th birthday, instead of our normal weekly family Zoom call we're surprising him with a "virtual open house". There will be a couple video calls from relatives in Sweden, a number of former neighbors on the farm, grand kids, friends, etc. My youngest brother connects his iPad to their TV and my parents can sit in (relative) comfort; hopefully things work out well and my dad enjoys it.

  2. I know pitcher wins and losses are not a good measure of things, but i found this interesting: Randy Dobnak has 8 starts this year and has 8 decisions (6 wins 2 losses).

    1. Can't imagine why this would need a FZ tag, as it is a pandemic issue that should not be considered political in my opinion. Thanks for sharing. As we all become exhausted and sick and tired of the pandemic and all that surrounds it, it is an article like this that brings us back to "no matter how bad you think you have it, there is someone else in a much worse situation."

      I gotta be honest, I am so tired of it all myself. Every other day I seem to have to deal with something Covid-related that I never dreamed I would have to do. Today it was a key line supervisor in my kitchen who's girlfriend works with someone who just tested positive. I am a "better safe than sorry" type of person, so once again, I make a decision that may make my next week or two even more harder than it already is. Things are going well at the joint in terms of sales and profitability, but I am working longer hours than ever with a body that is breaking down. My back has been majorly f'd up for 2 weeks now and I cannot get the rest I need to heal. Thank God I had the inspiration to lose those 35 pounds when this all started. If I was still that heavy I would probably be laid up by now in a hospital bed. On top of all of this, I am so tired of the forbidden zone fight going on around here with social media. Mentally, I am so tired of it that I have been avoiding facebook and instragram all together. I rarely use either now to promote my business.

      1. i wished i lived closer so i could lend a hand. seriously. i've said this before (maybe when you were opening the joint?), but i wish there was something like the army reserve but for service. bartending/serving one weekend a month would be awesome. and, when there's a real problem, then you get called up...

          1. I'd totally work a couple weeks at a dairy queen like that. I miss that (mostly) low responsibility work life.

            1. I'd totally work a couple weeks at a dairy queen like that. I miss that (mostly) low responsibility work life.

              That, my friend, is why whenever we are short a dishwasher I am quick to volunteer to fill in. If I can cover all other positions with decent staff, I love, love, love the peaceful bliss of head down busting out a few hundred racks of dishes with zero stress.

              1. when I worked at Target in the food area, I did enjoy cooking quite a bit, but I loved washing dishes.

          2. sorry to keep going on about this, but is MN still full minimum wage for service? it still was as of when i was in winona. of course WI wasn't; a fact that we'd make fun of with them when we were across the river and vice versa.

            1. Yes, full minimum wage, which right now is $10/ hour. I am one of the few restaurant owners that is fine with that. With tips, my staff can make a pretty solid yearly income.

              1. Of course I was fine with that, but I was always on the other side. It was almost half that when I worked (though that's not because of how long ago it was). I'm sure it's appreciated.

                1. I have been reluctant to put forth a full out marketing pitch on this site, but since you asked:

                  Polished Casual concept. Fun bar area, family friendly dining room.
                  Most popular dishes (and ones I am proud of:
                  Korean BBQ Beef Tacos
                  Lobster Nachos
                  Smoked Teriyaki Sirloin with Japanese Pan Noodles (we smoked the veggies that go into the Teri Sauce)
                  Korean BBQ Pork Belly Sandwich (Pork Belly is Sous Vide then seared)
                  Ahi Tuna Bibb Wraps - We toast and grind Juniper Berries and the tuna is coated in that before searing to rare.
                  Buttercrumb Walleye with Forbidden Black Rice Pilaf
                  Honey Citrus Salmon
                  Rosemary Elk Burger (local Elk)
                  Hidden Bison Ranch Burger (local Bison)
                  Huli Huli Chicken Tacos
                  Of course we have a handful of "midwest safe" options like a killer Rueben.
                  90% scratch cooking.
                  12 taps of mostly local/regional craft brews
                  40+ wines available by the glass
                  The #1 compliment I get from patrons is that we are so very consistent in food and service. I staff to be busy. I am very involved in the kitchen and have an awesome chef who is excellent with all the admin details of the kitchen and can out work anyone I have ever worked with. Her culinary creativity is growing, but I tend to fill that role.

    1. I tuned in (to the Yahoo app 🙄) for the last couple batters. How does Nelson Cruz get an infield hit? And Bux gets an infield RBI with two outs and runners on second and third?

  3. Flew in tonight to Minny from H'istan. We came in low over Allianz Field, then around downtown Mpls - great views of Target Field, then over the lakes (redacted Calhoun, etc.). What a beautiful city!

    Hertz and the other rentals got relocated to the dungeon at MSP, crikey.

    Got the last two innings of the game on the rental radio on the way up to Scandia. What an ending! Zoinks, Scoob!

    1. Heading back from a quick trip to the cities to see my new niece. Tuned in the game for the same last couple innings. Quite fun.

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