20 thoughts on “September 12, 2020: Dystopia”

  1. Kenta Maeda has pitched why better than I expected him to pitch. I thought he would be a Carl Pavano type guy (as a Twin, Pavano was better than you remember) who got you innings but gave up hits. Maeda has been pitching more like a right handed Johan Santana

      1. heh, so i was going to sleep pretty late last night and doing a quick, very pointless stroll of the tweeter* beforehand. as i was doing so, i saw a post with that picture and kinda realized, wait, i don't have a CoC. that was crazy so i quickly used it as a topic and pic. i thought, eh, this site is pretty half baked. no one will point out the third (guessing?) time a CoC didn't include something coffee related.

        welp. heh, and yeah, CT, that was my justification.

        (*by the way, besides the gardy factor, i use that term as they don't need any SEO help).

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