8 thoughts on “January 14, 2021: Routine Test”

  1. If you're looking for a good music pairing with the beautiful, gently falling snowflakes (in the Twin Cities, anyway), I'm pleased to report that Julien Baker's 2017 album Turn Out the Lights is a good one.

  2. NWHL schedule is out.

    They're playing in a bubble (in Lake Placid) with a 7 game regular season followed by a final four and a championship (all three playoff games on NBCSN - all regular season games on Twitch).

    The Whitecaps play the following:

    Jan. 23 - Boston @ 4PM
    Jan. 24 - Toronto @ 1PM
    Jan. 26 - Metro @ 5:30PM
    Jan. 28 - Conn. @ 8:30PM
    Jan. 30 - Buffalo @ 3PM

    The remaining games are determined by record but are played on the 31st and the 2nd, followed by the playoffs on the 4th and 5th of Feb.

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