20 thoughts on “January 20, 2021: Changes”

  1. Twins announce minor league coaches and managers. Toby Gardenhire is the manager of St. Paul. The AA team is in Wichita, which I assume had been announced some time ago but which I didn't remember. Brian Dinkelman returns to Cedar Rapids. Apparently there will still be the GCL Twins and the DSL Twins, so the only level that is gone for the Twins in the minor league reshuffling is Elizabethton.

    1. Takashi Miyoshi, who is entering his fourth year with the Twins organization, will serve his first season as manager for the Gulf Coast League Twins; he was slated for that position in 2020. Miyoshi, who was a coach with Elizabethton for two years (2018-2019), became the first Japanese-born manager in U.S. professional baseball without previous MLB or NPB experience when he logged a three-year stint (2015-17) as skipper for the independent Pacific Association’s Sonoma Stompers.

      Miyoshi’s time managing the Sonoma Stompers in 2015 means he was the team’s skipper when Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller of the Effectively Wild podcast were running the team’s baseball operations. That experience led them to write The Only Rule is it Has to Work.

      1. I assume your tears were about how the election was stolen .....

        Okay, okay. I had some dust fall in my eyes when Kamala was sworn in. Then a bunch more dust settled in my eyes when Amy took up the mic. And to think I thought I was actually dead inside.....

        1. I will admit to being a bit teary eyed myself today. Probably peaked during Amanda Gorman's beautiful poem. Good lord, that young woman is impressive. That she has harnessed her incredible gift at such a young age is amazing.

          1. Like our new president, she overcame a speech impediment. I did not know that until after I heard her poem and it made her performance all the more impressive.

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