12 thoughts on “January 22, 2021: Memey”

    1. :'(

      I remember Hank ending the 1973 season with 713 HRs. I had a school binder with his career stats on it, showing him 1 HR short of the Babe. And I saw him hit #715 live on television. This was obviously before the days of cable, so it was a big deal. It might have been on Monday Night Baseball (which was a thing), but I'm not sure.

      A true giant. 3000 hits that weren't home runs.

      1. I remember watching that, it was on Monday Night Baseball. My Dad had VFW meetings on Monday nights and I remember telling him before he left that I was going to watch the game because Aaron was going to break the record that night. Aaron was one of my few non-Twins players that I was a huge fan of at the time.

      2. Oh yeah. It was such a big deal when he ended the season at 713. Talk about drama. The start of the season was so anticipated. I don't remember seeing it live but I think other stations broke into their broadcast to announce it.

    2. Sad news. I've probably told this story here before, but the night Aaron hit 715 I was with my older brother and mother at the Fort Wayne airport to pick up my dad. His flight was delayed so we had to cool our heels for awhile. There was one TV in the airport (bar) that had the game on so my brother and i went in to watch. Were only there for a few minutes when Bob Griese walked in and sat at the bar. My brother went to get his autograph and and I tagged along. Bob bought us each a Coke and we all sat in the bar waiting for 715. Unfortunately, my dad's flight arrived and we ended up leaving and had to hear the record breaker on the radio. But it was a pretty memorable night. Also, I was at the game in Cincinnati back in 1970 when Hank got his 3,000th hit, so I got to witness that live and in person.

  1. Well, the long incubation period finally came to fruition... I've had symptoms for about 4 or 5 days, and officially got my positive result this morning. At least Philosofette is already done with quarantine, which is convenient for our family.

    This is all just irritating, because we pretty much haven't gone anywhere, except for kids to school, which is in session because of relatively low community spread. Philosofette subbed for a class one day, and we figure that's how it had to have come to us. I've defended schools being open in the past, and I think, overall, it's still the right call in communities with limited numbers. But I still feel like a bit of a sucker for that position... We just happened to get unlucky, I guess.

    1. Hopefully you and your family fully recover. It’s a slog as I still have fatigue issue 3 months out.

      Do you think your community really has low numbers or not a lot of testing/confirming?

      1. It actually is fairly low here. Its been more family-by-family than true community spread. For the most part people have quarantined seriously when they get it.

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