Friday Music Day – Whoops Guest DJ drops the Ball

I forgot to throw this up last night. It has been ... a week. Throw up your lists in the comments, but if you want to admit it what's your guilty pleasure song that you defend for no reason.

For me it's Ringo's Beatles songs because I find it hilarious, and Call Me Maybe because of DC memories playing Kickball.

My last video will be up later today when I find a video of it.

Happy Friday.

5 thoughts on “Friday Music Day – Whoops Guest DJ drops the Ball”

  1. I Fought the Law - The Clash
    Hi Hi Hi - Paul McCartney and Wings
    Hello Stranger - Barbara Lewis
    Spiderwebs - No Doubt
    Send in the Clowns - Frank Sinatra

    Higher Love - Steve Winwood
    December - Collective Soul
    Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
    Murder By Numbers - The Police
    Drivin' Wheel - Foghat

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