34 thoughts on “June 12, 2021: Not Sunday”

    1. On the one hand, that doesn't clear up anything, on the other hand...

      Since when are the Twins concerned about the 11th inning.

      1. I'm not faulting Rocco too much, since other options could make today's game a rough situation, but the fact that Shoe can't work through the #8 #9 and #1 hitters says more to who's available in the bullpen than who Rocco is using.

        1. Maybe this is the same point you're making, but while Rocco's bullpen usage can be questioned, the main issue is that we have very few relief pitchers we can rely on.

      1. Italy fighting among themselves is always fun but they look good this year (maybe France can take the in-fighting mantle). Finland has two MN United players in their starting line up if you want to go “local.” Belgium would be cool.

        1. Really scary moment at Denmark-Finland right now. A Dane just dropped to the ground, wasn’t another player within 3 feet. It does not look good.

    1. Digital broadcasting was fairly disruptive for both the consumer and broadcasters, but not as disruptive as the online streaming services model. I've been lamenting the current state of television content delivery for some time now. Can't get the Twins games on an affordable streaming service. Can't get HBO Max on my Vizio Smart TV unless I put the app on my phone and cast it from there (I think they call them smart TVs because they're designed to make the user feel stupid). I had to buy a Roku to get any streaming services at all on my other Vizio TV after the Yahoo app store folded. Cable and streaming services force me to subsidize "news" networks that are nothing more than political propaganda outlets. It's all fragmented and FUBAR and completely driven by greed at the expense of consumer satisfaction. The only advantage I see is the very large selection of content you can get now, but you might have to subscribe to half a dozen different services to get all the specific content you want. Also, I liked old television sets that didn't have to boot up and load software for two minutes before you can watch anything. #goml

      1. Hmmmm. I see it another way. Instead of seeing very little with a standard antenna or be a slave to cable/DSL/satellite, I can attach a Chromecast Gen. 4 to any TV and make it "smart" (with a single remote that Mrs Runner can figure out), choose whatever streaming content supplier(s) I want, or just watch YouTube channels or some sketchy website "for free". It's not the al a carte golden goose, but it's a darn sight closer. And no d@mn abandoned poles, or boxes left hanging on the side of my house, with the accompanying wires/cables across the basement ceiling and up throughout the walls. Not even any electrical boxes with fancy LEDs chaperoning each TV.

  1. Old old friend alert!

  2. My second usher shift last night was a lot more engaging than my first. I was initially assigned to a gate to hand out the promotional item of the day, Josh Donaldson "Bringer of Rain" umbrella hats. After that I headed upstairs to the Delta Club to manage a couple of sections there. It involved a lot of opening doors for guests with their hands full of food and drink and walking up and down stairs every half inning, but it was fun to interact with the fans and chat about baseball and I had a pretty good vantage point for the game. The pay isn't great but there are some good perquisites. And all that stair climbing is going to give me buns of steel before this is all over.

  3. Hey everyone.

    We're leaving tomorrow for our 3 day trip to the Dells, but our minivan is breaking down last second (half the time the engine cranks, won't start). No car repair shops open, cheapest rental I could find cost MORE than our vacation.

    Anyone in the Twin Cities have a minivan they don't need until Wednesday night per chance?

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