Game 71: Twins @ Rangers

Kenta Maeda goes for the Twins as they pursue their second sweep of the season.

Let's talk series wins this season shall we?

* There were those first two series, when the beat the Brewers and the Tigers. Followed by 5 series without a series win

* Then they won a series against the Royals at the end of April. Followed by 6 series without a series win

* Then they beat Cleveland two out of three and swept the Orioles. Followed by 6 series without a series win before arriving in Texas.

Enough of that. Yuck.

Amazingly, the Twins have managed to split enough Friday-Saturday games (they've done that 10 times while never winning both days or losing both days until this weekend) that they could end this weekend with .500 or better records on all the weekend days.

Friday 6-5
Saturday 5-5
Sunday 4-5

It's weird to be excited about .500 records, but here we are.

25 thoughts on “Game 71: Twins @ Rangers”

  1. Should have noted that the Twins are not currently in last place in the AL Central. Another one in the "weird things to be excited about" category.

    1. He hung one pitch. That's hardly a wall. The first home run was just tip your cap to a guy who is probably going to own the Twins for the next decade plus.

        1. 84 pitches yesterday, 76 the start before, then a single rehab start of 54 pitches. Baldelli said Maeda is building up his strength again and may have hit a wall yesterday.

    1. He won, rightfully, a Gold Glove last year. He had a +7 UZR and a +13 DRS in 2020.

    1. The other run was Garcia hitting a 100 mph fastball down and away on the corner with 2 strikes out for a home run to the opposite field. That was insane, so the bullpen pretty much flawless.

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