26 thoughts on “Cleveland v. Minnesota, Game 76”

  1. Hector Santiago gets the honor of being the first to get caught with a foreign substance under the new enforcement rules.

      1. Im surprised BSN showed a second replay of it.

        Thats about as bad as baseball injury I've seen in a while.

            1. I am watching the MLB.com recap video and they showed way more of that than they should have.

              1. Someone on Twitter posted a don't watch this video of Naylor breaking his leg, accompanied by a video of the collision. You literally could not read his tweet without seeing what happened.

    1. Seems like a good time to bring in TC the bear to address the situation.

      1. Hello?
        Hello, Bill. This is Pablo
        Where are you?
        I won't be able to make it today
        Because I'm at the bottom of the pool

  2. Miguel Sano has now gone four consecutive games without a strikeout for the first time in his career. He had never before done three straight. Of course, it helps that the Twins are basically platooning him now, but you have to wonder about the sticky ban as well.

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