FMD 7/30/21: The Final Tour

Taking Free's suggestion of a FMD topic, and trying to run with it here:

Who are some acts that you would love to see before they're gone, and how much would you actually pay to see them?

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  1. Since the pandemic, I've been thinking more about this. There are far more times I've regretted missing a show than I've regretted going to one.

    I'd really like to see Paul McCartney. I'd like to see Pearl Jam again. I'd really like to see a show at Red Rocks. If I could see ones of those acts there, I'd probably drop some $.

    1. I’m sure I mentioned this at some point, but I saw him at the Austin City Limits music festival in either 2005 or 2006. His bus was searched right after his show as they were leaving and he got busted for possession.

  2. I saw Willie two summers ago which definitely was a bucket list for me.

    I had Van Morrison on my list but he's become such a crank, I just don't know. Patti Griffin for sure. Also Radiohead is probably the only big arena show I'd pay for, but only if they are doing a rock show and not some sort of ambient vibe thing with Thom Yorke yelping in the background.

    As I mentioned, I can't justify seeing nearly 80 year old Rolling Stones at a football stadium for close to $100. If they played a smaller venue of course. But that's just not going to happen. Otherwise I am not sure if there any acts from 60s and 70s that I haven't seen that I would want to at this point.

    1. Riot Fest in Chicago typically has a lot of legacy punk/new wave bands that is great source to see bucket list bands from 70s/80s/90s of that genre. I went in 2013 and saw a ton of bands that I had wanted to see and could cross off the list including Public Enemy, Joan Jett, and Bad Religion. But even now most of the bands playing Riotfest, I've seen or had no compelling issue to see.

  3. I'd still love to see Billy Joel and Garth Brooks. That solidly dates me as a 90's kid, but there you have it.

    I've seen Weird Al, but that is one I'd love to take my kids to. Not sure that'll ever be an option, as he might be done touring?

    If it were their last hurrah, I'd go see TMBG again. And if Rilo Kiley ever did a reunion tour, I'd sign up for that at the right price.

  4. The Rolling Stones. The Eagles. KISS. The Who. Aerosmith. Alice Cooper. Kansas. Jethro Tull. REO Speedwagon. Elvis Costello. Mostly bands that I missed the first several times around for one reason or another.

    1. I'd like to see the Stones one more time just to kind of say goodbye. I haven't seen them in 24 years and I guess that time I never thought, hey, I'll never see them again.

  5. Saw Petty in 2010 and a Willie show with Fogerty back in ‘06 and truly enjoyed it … but it wasn’t what I thought would be the ‘last’ Willie show. Would pay $75 + to see him again.

    Saw Prine (and Sturgill and Carlisle) at RCMH in NY in 2018 and honestly did not know what a privilege it was. Would fly to NY again and pay $150+ per ticket to see tha show again.

    Saw U2 at TCF in ‘11 was better than I expected … probably the most on-topic for this FMD - spent a lot of $ to attend that show and well worth it.

    RHCP at Target Center in … 2000 with Foo Fighters and Muse (FF again in 2011 and I’d pay $100+ For good seats to see them again.)

    For legacy, I’m disappointed I didn’t get to any of the Neil Young shows in Minneapolis in … what, 2019? Should have seen at least one.

    1. Saw Petty in the late 90s and it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. First Lucinda Williams tore the house down, then Petty et al made the rubble bounce for about 2.5 hours. For the last hour of Petty's set, with every song I thought, damn, what a way to end the show! And then they'd just play another after that.

      I saw RHCP at First Ave right below that California album (I got some special tickets or something). It was... not great. They started at least 2 songs over.

    2. Saw Prine (and Sturgill and Carlisle) at RCMH in NY in 2018 and honestly did not know what a privilege it was. Would fly to NY again and pay $150+ per ticket to see tha show again.

      We must have talked about this? I was supposed to be at that show. In NYC for work, as I used to be every 6 months, and it coincided with the show. A good friend and I had tickets, but I broke my leg (around the ankle) walking off a curb and had to head home early. Big time regrets.

      1. Regarding regrets, I have mentioned this before. Early 80s, I was supposed to go down to, I think, Mason City with a buddy to meet up with two of his friends who had tickets for The Who with opening act The Clash.

        He got called in to work, so we didn't go. Huge regrets.

  6. I would pay $100 for one more shot at a Pearl Jam show. Missed my chance to catch the Beastie Boys or Chris Cornell one last time. I would join freealonzo to that Radiohead concert. Loved that U2 concert at TCF, and I thought Metallica did well at the Vikings Stadium launch. However, both bands are getting a bit long in the tooth to watch in a large setting. I guess what I am saying is most of my last chance shows have already happened, or I missed my shot.

  7. I have Revolverheld on the top of my list, but need Dortmund/Deutschland to be flood-free and Delta variant managed for that to happen.

  8. Not quite on the topic, but if there's a show I'd like to have a do-over of, it would be Lolla '94. I was very young and for some reason my parents let me go. I was only there really to see the Pumpkins and the Breeders. In later years, I kicked myself for missing out on the Beastie Boys, George Clinton, Tribe, Nick Cave, Flaming Lips, Guided, Stereolab, Pharcyde, and many others.

    1. I was at Lolla 07 and we were on our way to, I think, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs when my buddy pointed out someone on a stage with a Twins jersey on. I didn't recognize them, but we stopped for a song or two and kept on our way

      Turns out that was Craig Finn and my first Hold Steady show.

      Oh to go back and see that whole set properly.

  9. I would have loved to go to the Replacements / Hold Steady show in St. Paul years back. Still kind of kicking myself for not working harder to make that happen. I'm totally glad that I splurged on great seats (175$ per) to see John Prine's last new orleans show. Shovels and Rope opened and were just phenomenal. I'd do that one again.

    1. I almost flew up for that concert, but I had a Texas Cup footy match that weekend.

      As I remember, free had offered up his couch to me for the weekend.

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