17 thoughts on “July 31, 2021: Whoa What?”

  1. Man, they really just dumped Eddie.

    Pablo Sandoval was released by the Indians. This was just hours after he was acquired in the Eddie Rosario trade. Based on his release, it’s clear that he was only included as salary offset.

    1. I was teeing up a comment to the kid about how much I love Brubeck, and then I saw you and was totally thrown. Wish I could have talked more. Also, sorry if I seemed in a fog. My wife’s favorite aunt unexpectedly died a few hours before and I was on and off the phone with her all morning as she tried to work through it.

    1. The NHL is very concerned about the integrity of the game and will investigate allegations of gambling and game fixing immediately.

      The allegations of abuse and neglect? The NHL must not have read those parts, because they sure didn't say anything about them.

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