10 thoughts on “August 4, 2021: Damage Control”

  1. I had what you could describe as a soup sandwich today. Banh Mi roll, spinach, spicy mayo, udon noodles with chili crisp and left over bulgogi. Truly delightful. Reminiscent of the pho-rito I had a couple months back.

    1. homemade chili crisp?

      I've been thinking about making it. Would be my first time, but the serious eats descriptions I've read make me want some.

  2. Speaking of the weather station (video of the day) I just installed a personal weather station because I’m a nerd. I love knowing exactly how awful it is outside.

  3. Since I’m dominating this cup, just had to deliver horrible, no good performance evaluation that could have been a hey you should check your tude at the door evaluation. Went the bad way from the start. I think they’re hiring a pool boy at the local astor…

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