17 thoughts on “August 20, 2021: Marco!”

  1. We're packing up and taking of in the direction of Colorado Springs right after work today. While the temps are going to be not quite as hot, the overnight lows will be the real treat.

    More importantly, Luis is a bit closer to qualifying.

  2. Women's world hockey championships start today! Just in case you need a sports watching alternative to Twins-Yankees.

    I wrote a Whangdoodle for the tournament that will go up later today.

  3. Jorge Polanco in August - .294/.355/.632/.988, a BAbip of .304, and a 1.405 WPA. En fuego.

    1. Cool stat of the day, he also has a 7.19 RE24 (base-out runs added). So given the various runners-on and number-of-outs situations, he's added more than seven runs above average this month.

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