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  1. Cats, a Memoir

    September 14, 2003. I had never owned a cat in my life.
    September 15, 2003. I got Jags. Named after Mick Jagger. The best cat ever.
    July 2004. I got Theodore Finkle (aka, Theo). Named after both a co-worker (who I like) and a nickname I had for my niece. A great cat.
    June 2005. We got Eleanor Rigby (aka, Ellie). Named that cat after a Beatles song. Not really a good cat at all. Fought with the other two, never warmed up to anyone, hid most of time. Pooped on the carpet so much that I had to move a litter box into dining room. I have often said that if Ellie had been the first cat, there would not have been a second cat.
    June 30, 2021. Ellie died while I was on a business trip.
    September 1, 2021. Jags died. I was absolutely heartbroken.
    September 14, 2021. My wife is out picking up Ralph Lauren (aka "Ralphie") and Leonard Nimoy (aka "Lenny"). I am not in favor of this, but in the interest of family harmony, I have given in. My daughter is now in charge of laundry until such day arrives where she moves out.

        1. Early impressions. Lenny is a really affectionate cat. Ralphie less so. They have *slightly* more energy than the geriatrics we’ve been living with. Theo has not been introduced yet.

          Lenny is jet black with just a hint of white on his chest. He’s sleek like a panther. Really a beautiful animal.

  2. NBBW's ex-boss is going to a concert in TC (Xcel Center) and was looking for hotel advice. He wants to impress his date.

    I immediately thought of Marquette hotel in Mpls and The Saint Paul hotel in St. Paul, both classics.

    I talked with a buddy in North Oaks two days ago on the subject. He said you do NOT want to go to Mpls right now as it's a sh*t show for crime. Also St. Paul. Shortage of cops, etc.

    What in the world is going on there?

    We're steering him to spots in Stillwater (Hotel Crosby, Lowell Inn, etc.).

          1. I agree. I live in Downtown St. Paul and work in Frogtown. Is there crime? Yes, unfortunately for the most part it's related to bad dudes doing bad stuff to other bad dudes.

            Tell you friends not to stay out past 2:00a and they should be ok.

            1. I'm in downtown St. Paul most days for work, and I've gone to about 15 Twins games this summer and I completely echo free. There's nothing inherently dangerous right now about either location unless you're looking for trouble.

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