October 24, 2021: Cap’n Geech And The Shrimp Shack Shooters

It was actually quite clear, and if things like the Hancock Center weren't in the way, it might have been sunny. Still a good time!

Probably the last one this season though...

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  1. We visited friends in Miller Beach late this summer. It was surreal to sit on a beach and watch the lakers heading out of port while taking in Chicago’s excellent skyline across the lake, then turn my head slightly and see we were sandwiched between Gary Works and Cleveland-Cliffs.

    1. I watched Dune last night and enjoyed and agree it was very good. I have never read the books, never saw the movie from the 80's. I didn't know anything about the plot except it's very sandy and there are sand worms. I didn't even know it was basically a hero's journey. I am sure there are lots of details that I am missing but I get what's going on based on what was presented in the film. My son tells me it's a trilogy. Ugh, I'm getting up there in age. I hope I'm not in my mid-60's by the time I experience the resolution.

      1. "Trilogy". It's two books that will be adapted into three movies: two for the first one, it's the longest book by far, and one for the second, it's the shortest. There's one more book they could do that's connected to the first two but I assume they'd want to do it with the fourth book. After that Herbert wrote two more books before dying in '86. There are absolutely no other prequels, sequels, or Dune 7 (and 7.5) books out there. Nope. Nothing else was written.

          1. I think it will be sufficiently resolved after the second half of the movie. The third movie should cover a completely separate book that takes place a decade after the conclusion of Dune.

      2. Interesting. Despite really enjoying it, all my friends who were there and have read the books figured it would have been hard to follow if you hadn't read them. If there is one big fault of the movie its that it was completely terrible about introducing characters, especially so that you could hear their names.

        Its already very obvious that Javier Bardem is going to be a great Stilgar.

        1. yes, there definitely are places where it is hard to understand the dialogue.

          and yes, Bardem's take on Stilgar has been very appealing so far.

          the plot and exposition were substantially streamlined from the book, by necessity. The film simplifies the Atreides/Harkonnen feud substantially and doesn't really motivate it. But then, the book doesn't motivate it very well either. Yueh's backstory is too truncated (and how the hell he was able to [spoilers] by himself is a serious plot hole, but I think that's true in the book as well). The film barely mentions CHOAM (if at all) and has very, very little to say about the Guild. deVries is a total cypher so far, no time was spent on any in-House dynamics between Hawat/Hallack and Jessica, etc. etc.

          But still, visually and aurally stunning. The simplified story line is pretty easy to follow if you are not a fanboy and multiple characters are done very, very well, IMO. Chalamet fits the role almost perfectly. Momoa surprised me in how well he seems to fit the Duncan Idaho role. I liked what they did with Liet-Kynes and, more generally, the diversity in the casting. I am going to be really upset if it takes another 2-3 years to get to Part 2.

          btw, the ticket sales are stronger than initially forecast. $40+ million opening weekend against $30-$35 million common forecast. International sales have been good (over $225 million worldwide so far). I would think that that return is more than sufficient to greenlight the next one if it hasn't been already.

          1. The film barely mentions CHOAM.
            Just like the books! Sure you will know what the acronym means but little else beyond that. There are shares and money and handwaves.

        2. Despite really enjoying it, all my friends who were there and have read the books figured it would have been hard to follow if you hadn't read them.

          My son thought the same. Based on what bS wrote below, I think the plot was streamlined enough for anyone to catch on.

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